Three Tips for Diversity Recruiting

A few tips from our recent DEI Community Discussion.

The CXR Community gathered recently for a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) meeting with a presentation by the team at Danaher and a dynamic conversation between CXR members on diversity recruiting. A few tips that came out of our discussion include:

Diversity partnerships have proved essential in advancing DEI initiatives at organizations, with several members sharing that they have increased their number of partnerships in the last year. But, how do you track the success of these partnerships? One organization assigns UTM links to each diversity partner and connects them to candidates through their CRM, providing valuable data points.

Establishing a regular cadence for diversity communications has been key for some organizations. By partnering with employer branding teams, talent acquisition can turn their social media accounts into social activators by regularly posting and engaging with their individual networks. This not only helps to reinforce their brand but also fuels their candidate pipeline.

Making EEO data anonymously available during the recruitment process has helped move the needle for several member organizations. While hiring managers and decision-makers lack access to that data, recruiters can determine whether or not they have a diverse slate of candidates and are meeting their funnel goal. At some organizations, recruiting teams can search for candidates based on specific diversity tags.

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For our CXR members, be sure to check out the entire meeting here. From innovative internship programs to platform recommendations – you won’t want to miss it.

Barb Ruess

Barb Ruess

Barb's career in marketing and branding started with one of the very first job boards and has been focused on career search/talent acquisition in one way or another ever since. She has worked with CXR practically since its beginning and wears many hats from meeting planner to communications to marketing strategy and more.

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