The SEC’s New Human Capital Disclosures: Year 1

Faced with a blank canvas, many companies formed cross-functional teams to consider what information to disclose and whether (and how) to include quantitative metrics.

Not much more than seven months ago, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) announced an important new 10-K disclosure requirement: to describe human capital resources and objectives or measures used in the management of the business that are material to the understanding of a company’s business.

Faced with a blank canvas last August when the rule was announced, many companies formed cross-functional teams to consider, among other things, what information to disclose, the length of the disclosures and whether (and how) to include quantitative metrics. Some included a breakout of employees by geography, the number of part- and full-time employees, the number or percentage of employees covered by collective bargaining agreements, or a breakdown by gender.

The first wave of 10-K filings with human capital disclosures is in, offering benchmarking for peers. Here are key takeaways about industry-specific themes and broad differences among individual companies.

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  • CXR Recommends: new SEC Guidelines on Human Capital

     Chris Hoyt updated 9 months, 2 weeks ago 1 Member · 1 Post
  • Chris Hoyt

    January 7, 2021 at 10:39 am Company: CXR

    The SEC just announced guidelines effective November 9 for publicly traded companies to disclose various human capital details starting with their next quarterly or annual financial releases. Even if you’re not publicly traded, I’d recommend that you pay attention here – there’s some opportunity to get in front of this and be a leader in this space AND the attraction and brand space among your competitors.

    The SEC just mandated human capital disclosure: What does this mean for you?

    Here’s an excerpt from the article from a recent Chief Learning Officer piece: “The 10 metrics for all-sized organizations include total workforce cost, human capital ROI, EBIT per employee, turnover rate, total development and training cost, and percentage of employees who have completed compliance training, among others. The 13 additional metrics for larger organizations include diversity by age, gender and disability, leadership diversity, leadership trust, time to fill vacant positions and time to fill critical vacant positions, and percentage of positions filled internally and percentage of critical positions filled internally. ISO also recommends other metrics for L&D which could be disclosed publicly, such as percentage of employees who receive training, percentage of leaders who receive training, percentage of leaders who receive leadership development and average hours of training per year.”

    Read the article on Chief Learning Officer here.

    About 1/2 way thru the article you’ll see what TA will now need to disclose. Read the article, pass it on to your Talent Management counterpart and up to your CHRO. You’ll be glad you did.

    Worth noting… This may also be the perfect opportunity for the CXR Foundation to come together and be included in the exciting work on new standards or guidelines around the collection, reporting, guidelines/standards, etc. in this area. The time for some real work on universal standards on some of this is long overdue.

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Chris Hoyt

Chris Hoyt

A veteran of recruiting and HR, Hoyt is a sought-after speaker with presentations including national conferences with SHRM, LinkedIn, HR Technology and others in the USA as well as iRecruit, Australasian Talent Conference and more abroad. Chris has been promoting and leading full scale and enterprise-wide integrations of social media and mobile marketing within workforce strategies for his entire career. His expertise and passion for interactive/social recruiting, candidate experience, and both national and international recruiting strategies are all areas that Hoyt now leverages as co-owner and President at CareerXroads, a Recruiting/Staffing consulting and think tank organization that works with corporate leaders from around the world to break out of traditional recruitment practices and push the envelope in an effort to win the ongoing war for top talent.


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