The Flipside of Video Interviewing

Applicants in "Recruiting Hell" feel the tables should be turned when employers deliver an impersonal and burdensome video interview experience.

Whether or not you’re using video interviewing software as a way to screen, assess, or even actually connect with applicants or employees, you’ll have to have been living under a rock to not notice the explosion of video interviewing technology in just the last five years.

Companies around the world have found tremendous value in scheduling and administering live and asynchronous video interviews in volumes too high to collectively report. In fact, long before the pandemic restricted our ability to perform many job interviews live, employers were singing the praises of being able to knock out twice as many virtual interviews as live interviews or quickly work through, and assess, recorded responses from applicants to various questions.

When done well, and balanced with communicating expectations, insuring candidates feel they were treated fairly, and prompt follow-up is provided, video interviewing can be a positive experience for most.

But in a time when that candidate experience isn’t well managed at large and jobseekers are already stressed and desperate, a voice of animosity and anger could bubble up from the masses. Take for instance today’s post found on Reddit, the self-reported “front page of the internet”, where thousands of users are upvoting and commenting on how one candidate brazenly responded to a recruiter’s request that they complete a video screening first.

“I have come to be very thankful for recruiters who are respectful of my time and energy.” shares Reddit user, tron_mexico25. “If I come across a company who will not expend that same energy on something as informal as a quick initial phone screen to determine a candidate’s potential fit with the company, I am very disinclined to pursue that opportunity any further.”

And while some of the hundreds that responded tried to explain that the ratio of applicants to recruiters and reduced resources available to most talent acquisition teams prevent such a direct and personal touch at many organizations, it largely fell on deaf and rightfully frustrated ears.

Consider this template email crafted by user Jazzspasm, that floated to the top with various upvotes and awards (typically a good thing on Reddit).

Hi Recruitment Person’s Name

Thank you for getting in touch with your interest in me taking employment with company name.
As you can understand, I receive numerous invitations from people like yourself, and with my busy schedule it’s not possible to respond to them all.

In order to differentiate company name from others, I’m offering you the opportunity to put together a ten minute video of what it is that makes company name an employer of choice for me, personally.

To help you get started, here are a list of questions and topics I’d like you to cover during your video presentation.
list of questions and topics… (genuine ones, such as “How does company name go above and beyond all day every day to create a truly delightful employee experience?” and “Using both pay and other financially related benefits as an example, what differentiates company name from other employers hiring for people like myself?” or maybe “Excluding this video presentation, please give at least two examples of how company name can prove it’s adaptability to accommodate someone like myself and my personal requirements on a day to day basis?” Etc)

Please feel free to take your time. There’s no rush.

I’ll be especially interested to see your creativity, the extent of effort that you put into this, as well as your communication style and body language. I’ll be marking you against a criteria that unfortunately you won’t be informed of, and comparing you against others I’ll be keeping confidential also.
Once you have submitted your video presentation, I’ll consider putting time aside to get back in touch with you with the offer of an interview.

Many thanks again for expressing your interest in employing me.

With best regards

your name

Food for thought for those leaders already worried about how to attract and impress candidates in a job market where doing so with even less resources than ever is a significant concern.

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