Terms of Service

All members agree to the following community guidelines and structure. This is our promise to our membersand your promise to the CXR Community.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help talent professionals from around the world innovate, collaborate and lead. We do that byproviding a space where experts gather – both virtually and in-person – to present, analyze, network and learn.By any definition, the CXR Community is a group unlike any other.

We expect that members of the CXR Community have:

  • A passion for attracting, engaging & retaining talent
  • A compulsion to continually improve
  • The ability to think critically and constructively
  • The desire to share with others – and a passion to raise the bar for all

To achieve our mission we vet the talent leaders of each organization to ensure that they are ready to fully participate as members of our professional development community.

CXR Code of Conduct

We know that a strong community is powered by diverse ideas. In our meetings and forums, every person is included, valued, and safe to share their ideas and opinions. CXR Community members follow three basic rules in order to retain their membership. First, they are invested in being an ​active practitioner and leader​ in the talent industry. Second, they are open to ​sharing processes and information​ with their peers. Third, they treat each with ​mutual respect and honesty​.

As a community, we adhere to zero tolerance when it comes to statements of prejudice, racism, ordiscrimination of any kind.

Members commit

  • To conduct themselves in a professional manner on the eXchanges and during meetings
  • To participate in benchmark survey research
  • To return communications from fellow members

CXR Leadership​ commits to respecting our members and honoring their trust in our community. For over 25 years, CareerXroads has always been among the most trusted advisors in the recruiting industry. We’ve never violated our commitment to protect the privacy of the contact information and the conversations of our members, friends, and acquaintances. We have no ongoing advisory roles with any vendors, service providers, or consultants nor do we promote anyone for any price or kickback. Our private forums, CXR eXchanges, are strictly vetted and monitored by us.

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For 25 years CareerXroads has been a trusted community for talent acquisition and recruiting professionals. Now, CXR brings the power of networking and collaborating with industry colleagues and peers to the palm of your hand.