TA Tech Trends in 2022

What's next in the world of TA tech?

With recruiters facing high req loads and a challenging hiring market, organizations have been reevaluating their TA tech stack more than ever before. What are they looking for? When it comes to tech trends – we often turn to CXR friend, Madeline Laurano of Aptitude Research.

On a recent podcast with Madeline, we chatted about her latest report on onboarding. While it is a critical piece of retention – especially during an employee’s first 90 days – it’s often the most neglected component. Her report highlights how technology can support the onboarding experience while ensuring compliance.

Slowly but surely we’re seeing more of that support from technology providers including a long overdue focus on recruiter experience within their platforms. The recruitment industry was not immune during the “Great Resignation.” Facing more burnout than ever, recruiters were also leaving their jobs in droves. One of the reasons? Technology that wasn’t built for them. In a recent interview with Unleash.ai Madeline shared, “The TA tech stack is built for heads of TA or for IT…one in two recruiters would leave their job for better technology.”

Another trend we’ve all seen is that the very nature of recruiting has evolved. It’s no longer primarily inbound and instead is a combo of candidate engagement, recruitment marketing, and internal mobility. Tech stacks are evolving to support those efforts.

Want to talk more tech stacks, vendors, processes & plans? Later this month, we’ll be coming together for our Talent Operations Meeting.

Chris Hoyt

Chris Hoyt

A veteran of recruiting and HR, Hoyt is a sought-after speaker with presentations including national conferences with SHRM, LinkedIn, HR Technology, ERE and others in the USA as well as UNLEASH, iRecruit, Australasian Talent Conference and more abroad. Chris has been promoting and leading full scale and enterprise-wide integrations of social media and mobile marketing within workforce strategies for his entire career. His expertise and passion for interactive/social recruiting, candidate experience, and both national and international recruiting strategies are all areas that Hoyt now leverages as co-owner and President at CareerXroads, a Recruiting/Staffing consulting and think tank organization that works with corporate leaders from around the world to break out of traditional recruitment practices and push the envelope in an effort to win the ongoing war for top talent.

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