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TalentBoard’s 2018 Candidate Experience Research – Download Briefs Now

We always love to dig into the annual Candidate Experience research from TalentBoard and this year is no exception. Two executive briefs were just released and here’s what we found especially interesting…

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[Pre-register for the complete report expected out the end of January]

The North American Candidate Experience Executive Brief represents the collaboration of 200 employers and the responses from 130,000 of their candidates. Interesting, at least to CXR, were these notes:

  • Despite the fact that candidates, in general, rated their experiences 17% higher than last year, employers were actually significantly less likely to think they were doing a good enough job to compete or lead in this area. Never satisfied might be the word of the day.
  • The more accountable employers hold themselves (formal reviews, objective measures, rewards tied to C&E) the more likely the ratings are strong enough to be acknowledged as a benchmark….and vice versa. Don’t talk about it with recruiters and you reap the rewards of more negative reviews. Duh.
  • 10 key takeaways are noted in the briefing including improving engagement at the pre-application stage, the criticality of effective referrals, and ensuring candidates have a fair means to share their skills, knowledge and experience. A solid checklist to audit your TA operation vis-a-vis this critical stakeholder.

The North America Candidate Experience Business Impact Brief covers year-over-year comparisons of how candidate experience impacts conversion rates, a willingness to re-apply, refer others and continue as a customer. Calculations of positive and negative business impact are suggested.

Similar reports will be generated in the Spring for EMEA and APAC efforts. TalentBoard’s board has approved shorter, easier to complete surveys to support research going forward especially for multi-year participants in the CandEs. Be sure to consider or reconsider participating in 2019 which will see the CandEs expand into South/Latin America.

[Want to stand out to candidates? Keep your promises]

(Full disclosure Gerry is a co-founder of TalentBoard and Chris, while still at PepsiCo, was actively involved in TalentBoard’s Employer Council. TalentBoard, founded in 2010 is a global, non-profit organization dedicated to measuring, researching and sharing the importance of the candidate reaction in Talent Acquisition.)

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