Talent Sourcing Is Not an Entry-Level Function

My argument? Sourcing should not be a pipeline role for a recruiter.

If you’re building or revamping your TA team structure, here’s an article that’s worth the read. The role of sourcers often varies from one talent acquisition team to another. My argument? Sourcing should not be a pipeline role for a recruiter.

To quote the author, “The acceptable definition of talent sourcing today is not an entry-level function. Rather, your TA organization’s most effective, efficient, and at times experienced team members should be working as talent sourcers.” She might have written this in 2019 but these words were never more true than today. Talent sourcing is as specialized a role as employer branding or data analytics.

Amybeth does an excellent job building the case for having dedicated sourcers and challenges some common assumptions that cause many to still consider sourcers an entry-level job.

[CXR Sourcing Meeting: The missing piece to your internal mobility is Sourcing! Or is it?]

Talent sourcing is one specialized function within the recruitment process, and today it requires more than merely reviewing resumes. Ensure you are hiring individuals to source who truly love search and engagement.

Read more from the source: SourceCon, Published by: Amybeth Quinn

Grant Clough

Grant Clough

Grant has over 15 years of experience in talent acquisition and HR systems. Like many, he fell into recruiting while exploring new opportunities with a recruiting agency. Grant's experience includes recruitment, management, and strategy development at several national brands in the public accounting and non-profit industries. Grant has degrees in employment law and accounting from Wake Forest and Clemson Universities.

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