How Age Affects Candidate Experience

Ageism is more than a difference in perception. It is a difference in expectations that each of us bring to the candidate journey. It is also the reality that recruiters behave differently when interviewing candidates who have vastly different experience. (I’ll leave the “why” behind that for the moment but the facts are not in […]

Key trends in Recruiting Technology Evaluation

CareerXroads and Aptitude Research have been watching talent acquisition technology trends for years. Recently, we have noticed a distinct shift in the way recruiting technology is evaluated. This evolution inspired us to collaborate and dig deeper into recruiting tech stacks and the experiences of talent acquisition leaders.

Talent Acquisition Technology in Search of Employer Problems: Do We Have It Backwards?

Last week CXR experimented with a new format to bring talent acquisition technology solutions in front of TA leaders. This new meeting included a few select vendors which is a departure from our exclusively peer-to-peer model. The format change was not done lightly and a surprising number of folks noticed, enough that we thought sharing […]