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Aligning Your Employer Brand Efforts at the Team Level

This brilliant YouTube video, How Do I Get A Data Science Job?, that I stumbled on while educating myself on AI perspectives this morning answers at least three prospect/candidate questions that relate directly to employer brand from  a very personal/social point of view: What it takes to get a job […]

CareerXroads Open Benchmark: Recruiting Centers of Excellence

In recent years we’ve seen various Centers of Excellence (COE) gain popularity in HR and Talent Acquisition structures.  At CareerXroads, we’re interested in collecting details specifically around the progress, investment, and returns found from Recruiting Centers of Excellence. That’s why we’re presenting this brief open benchmark survey where results will […]

FindFace: Creepy Tool Every Sourcer Will Want

FindFace, a Russian App (now coming to the US), is one more nail in privacy’s coffin- providing the average Nadia and Boris with CIA/KGB movie technology. This Bloomberg article describes how taking someone’s picture converts immediately to their identity. Sending your Sourcers to professional meetings and conferences with their smartphone to secure active […]