A 2020 Perspective on Equality – Gender, Pay or otherwise

How employers treat age, ethnicity, geography, race, gender equality and other candidate characteristics has always been a hot topic and it may be due for a big change in 2020. Are you prepared? One change driver? Access to data. Solid data. Immediate data. Data loaded with insights. Data from two sources, Bloomberg’s Gender Equality Index […]

If compensation were transparent

Why don’t we advertise salary information? Every time this question comes up, it makes people shiver. We’ve voices inside our heads that tell us this is a seriously bad idea. I keep asking myself, “How did those voices get there?”

Pay Equity: Beyond Compliance, the Salary Question

  Pay Equity is a challenge that is not going to go away this year. Pressure to find a pay equity strategy will likely heat up in the US and we bet that it will move globally AND beyond ‘gender’ as a primary focus over the next few years.