It’s Time To Humanize Our Job Descriptions

Let’s reconsider that title for a minute… because it’s also time to stop calling them Job Descriptions. Job Posting or perhaps Job Advertisement feels more applicable these days. There’s little disagreement among Talent Acquisition professionals that traditional job descriptions need to change. Yet, at this year’s CXR Employment Branding Meeting a third of the room […]

Watching The Evolution of Recruitment Marketing

I distinctly remember when I first heard the term Recruitment Marketing used. My thought at the time was “wait… you mean employers haven’t already been doing this?!?” As a business-to-business marketing professional for my entire career, the activities encompassed in recruitment marketing seem like no-brainers. Yet here we are years later and a recent study […]

Building your employment brand foundation

Employment branding can feel like such a new field. The people tasked with branding in talent acquisition often have to explain themselves and their value to others in their company. They might feel a bit like pioneers trying to forge their way through new initiatives and projects. Yet, the tactics and strategies used in employment […]