TA Market Intelligence Pay Ranges

Every Talent and Acquisition leader knows that pay ranges in our industry are very tricky, especially for new and uncommon positions. Today, market intelligence is extremely important in recruiting. Employment is at an all-time low, candidates are frequently changing jobs, and in some cases, there are more positions available than talent to fill them. The […]

What sits in recruiting operations?

There are several different aspects of talent and acquisition beyond hiring talent. At the center of TA lies recruiting operations. Recruiting operations help TA departments run effectively and efficiently, all while supporting hiring strategies, logistics and objectives. Recruitment operations strengthens an organization’s ability to hire quickly, lower expenses, make more informed decisions, and guarantee resources […]

How Macy’s Centralized High-Volume Hiring

A few months ago we heard CXR Member, Macy’s, present on their new centralized hiring process for high-volume recruiting. After the room soaked in their presentation – hands shot up. With results like these it’s no wonder: