Bloomberg’s Gender Equality Index can help those concerned about women’s issues know how their employers, or employers they are considering, stack up against their competitors as a place to work. Generic ‘Unconscious Bias Training’ took off in 2017/2018 and few firms in the Fortune 1000 category failed to participate. What’s been missing is an indication […]

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Image Credit:PublicDomainPictures / Pixabay Pay Equity is a challenge that is not going to go away this year. Pressure to find a pay equity strategy will likely heat up in the US and we bet that it will move globally AND beyond ‘gender’ as a primary focus over the next few years. On one hand, […]

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Last year California, our favorite ‘Bellwether State”, seriously considered making it illegal for recruiters to ask candidates their current salary before making them an offer…or not. It went nowhere (although they did shift the burden of proof to the employer to prove they weren’t discriminating vis-à-vis pay equity) They lit the fuse. A CareerXroads post […]

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