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What’s Really Happening in Recruiting Operations & Analytics

This year at our Recruiting Operations and Analytics Colloquium meeting, the discussion with 50 Talent Acquisition leaders started with determining the key responsibilities of both Operations and Analytics team members.  After a day and a half of collaboration among participating members, it became increasingly clear that the realized value of […]

Onboarding: The Last Critical Component of Talent Acquisition

Onboarding as well as pre-boarding (yes, that’s a very real thing) activities are increasingly considered responsibilities that should sit squarely within the world of Talent Acquisition.  What was once something either handed off to the hiring department or ignored entirely has become a rapidly emerging discipline. Shared just last month, […]

CareerXroads Research: Pre-Employment Drug Screening

With the changes the United States is seeing at a state level with regards to the legal use of recreational and medicinal drugs, companies have an interesting challenge ahead of them when considering pre-employment drug screening. Additionally, companies know that performing drug screening on 100% of their candidates can be […]

CareerXroads - Growth Hacking the Industry

Let’s Growth Hack the Cover Letter (or a Job Description or Two)

It’s no secret that the cover letter is dead but we couldn’t pass up this humorous buzzword mashup that reminded us of the power behind (key)words within our industry.  While we know that “growth hacking” has its roots in startups and that there is merit to blending creativity and data to […]