CXR Talks Talent: Job Descriptions

We’re excited to introduce a new podcast series where Chris Hoyt, President of CXR, and Lars Schmidt, Managing Director of our Talent Management Community, explore talent management & talent acquisition issues. First up? Job Descriptions. At this year’s CXR Employment Branding Meeting, Chris notes “No matter what we were talking about, job descriptions came up […]

It’s Time To Humanize Our Job Descriptions

Let’s reconsider that title for a minute… because it’s also time to stop calling them Job Descriptions. Job Posting or perhaps Job Advertisement feels more applicable these days. There’s little disagreement among Talent Acquisition professionals that traditional job descriptions need to change. Yet, at this year’s CXR Employment Branding Meeting a third of the room […]

Who is writing your job descriptions?

Image credit: Free-Photos / Pixabay Ask a talent acquisition professional who writes their organization’s job descriptions and you won’t get a straightforward answer. When posed to the CareerXroads eXchange we heard comments such as: