We’ve read our share of recruiting myths over the years and are wondering if we’re the only ones getting tired of opinions and stories in our space that can’t be backed up by real research? Try this one on for size: I just read an article offering six suggestions on how to improve the hiring […]

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One of my cousin’s daughters had to choose between scholarship to the Stern School of Business for Math and the Julliard School for Cello. She chose Stern. Today she manages a team of Techies for a large bank- building incredibly complex financial algorithms. She might have been playing beautiful music in an orchestra. Her choice. Life’s […]

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Last year California, our favorite ‘Bellwether State”, seriously considered making it illegal for recruiters to ask candidates their current salary before making them an offer…or not. It went nowhere (although they did shift the burden of proof to the employer to prove they weren’t discriminating vis-à-vis pay equity) They lit the fuse. A CareerXroads post […]

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