CXR Podcast: Hoyt and Pritchett Talk Communities

In this CXR Podcast episode, we take a few moments to welcome Shannon Pritchett to CXR as the new Managing Director, Communities, chat up the value of community and why it’s so important to CareerXroads, and talk about things to come with regards to additional areas within CXR that will be getting a significant upgrade […]

Announcing Beta Update to CareerXroads eXchanges

CareerXroads prides itself on over 20 years of listening to its members and delivering a premier community experience to talent acquisition professionals around the world.  That’s why the team at CXR is especially excited about the beta upgrade to the popular CareerXroads eXchanges now available to current CareerXroads members.  Nearly every feature of this upgrade is […]

CareerXroads Updates & Changes

If you haven’t noticed by now, the CareerXroads website has gone through a modest amount of updates this week.  The most notable of which is a shift in how we’re presenting the content and Headlines that our members and their leaders have told us are most important to them.  And while we’re still moving things […]