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CareerXroads “Uncorked” with Susan Hensley

We’re excited to kick off the new CareerXroads podcast series: “Uncorked” where over a glass (or bottle) of premium wine or spirits we’ll talk with recruiting leaders and influencers about what’s going on in their recruiting world.  These topics will cover everything from the basics of recruiting to predicting the […]

Aligning Your Employer Brand Efforts at the Team Level

This brilliant YouTube video, How Do I Get A Data Science Job?, that I stumbled on while educating myself on AI perspectives this morning answers at least three prospect/candidate questions that relate directly to employer brand from  a very personal/social point of view: What it takes to get a job […]

Cumming Shares the Candidate Journey Roadmap

CareerXroads member company, Cumming Corporation, has created an in-depth Candidate Journey Roadmap that they feel sparks thought, as well as action, related to nearly every situation their candidates can find themselves. By breaking down the journey in this way, they believe it allows them, as a team, to evaluate how […]

Kimberly Clark: Innovators in Employment Branding

Many companies have employment branding challenges… location, misperceptions about the corporate environment, misunderstandings about the type of work that is done, highly competitive positions. For Kimberly-Clark those challenges were multi-faceted: A challenging location in the upper Midwest. A corporate identity that seemed stodgy and stale to millennials. A company image […]