CXR Recommends [Book]: Give & Get Employer Branding

As a card-carrying radical student of the recruiting landscape for more than 50 years, I could simply write a few sentences, implore you to read Give and Get Employer Branding and move on. However, this book offers a truly different approach to employer branding that justifies an enthusiastic review

CXR Recommends [article]: Five things to consider in an employee advocacy tool

This month, LinkedIn announced they’re shutting down Elevate, their employee advocacy product, by the end of December. Cameron Brain, EveryoneSocial’s CEO, couldn’t wait to share the news. The impending shutdown of Elevate means companies will be looking for a replacement in 2020. I’m sure Cameron’s secretly and gleefully rubbing his hands together and quite possibly […]

CareerXroads Uncorked” with Susan Hensley”

We’re excited to kick off the new CareerXroads podcast series: “Uncorked” where over a glass (or bottle) of premium wine or spirits we’ll talk with recruiting leaders and influencers about what’s going on in their recruiting world.  These topics will cover everything from the basics of recruiting to predicting the next hot trends that we […]

Employment Branding in 2018: It’s a Career Not a Job

Image Credit:geralt / Pixabay Wilson’s HCG Top 100 Employment Brands report is well done and offers helpful checklists that support their scoring decisions – useful guides for any Employment Branding professionals looking to raise the bar. Congratulations to all Employers on the list and especially to the following recent and current 2018 CareerXroads members (ties […]