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An overlooked diversity hiring opportunity

The number of quality prospects capable of performing well in professional and hourly positions who happen to have autism is surprisingly large. The number of prospects with autism who are unemployed is estimated at 80%. Calling this population underserved is a misnomer. That they are ignored in the midst of […]

Recruiting for Inclusion: Ongoing Challenges, Competitive Practices

At each CareerXroads event throughout this past year, Chris and I had at least one exercise probing the state of recruiting practices that target greater inclusion of protected classes like race, gender, age, veterans, disability, sexual orientation and…well beyond compliance. Several themes emerged. Balancing core culture ‘fit’ and valuing differences […]

High-Impact Diversity and Inclusion – Bersin by Deloitte

“High-Impact Diversity and Inclusion: Maturity Model and Top Findings” was recently published by Bersin by Deloitte analysts, Stacia Garr and Candace Atamanik. The announcement noted six principles that are key to creating a more inclusive organization based on surveys and interviews with key players.  From the overview, “This report focuses […]