Post-Pandemic Hiring is Serious Business

Learning to adapt to working through a pandemic may not be enough for some companies to survive what’s next – post-pandemic hiring and employee retention.

CXR Recommends: YOUR mental wellness

There’s no denying the global coronavirus pandemic has greatly impacted all of our lives. And one of the biggest impacts has been on the way we work. For many, jobs have become more difficult and our traditional ways of decompressing are no longer available to us. Simply put, the stress of today’s workforce is off […]

CXR Spotlight on Genentech: Building community in a virtual internship program

When COVID-19 pandemic restrictions hit suddenly in March, they caused havoc across many talent functions – particularly campus recruiting. The university recruiting team at Genentech – like many organizations – was organizing their summer internship program, resolving final details, and preparing to host hundreds of university students. Then the world changed and so did their […]

CXR Recommends: McKinsey’s Postpandemic Workforce Report

This very well-written, reasonably short, readable and timely global article (complete with a description of methodology for a pleasant surprise) is a must read: What 800 executives envision for the postpandemic workforce. Take notes and share them upward because you can bet your bosses are reading this. Some of the conclusions are counterintuitive to the […]

CXR Recommends: Rethinking Work-from-home benefits

It’s been interesting to watch the trends that have accelerated or launched because of the pandemic. One that is likely to make a continued impact on our workforce is working from home. What was once seen as an occasional perk for some people has become the norm for many professionals and will likely be the […]

CXR Recommends: A Branding Perspective on Returning to Business

As of late, my team and I have been researching a lot about brand, digitization and internship direction. But I imagine many of you are reading the same things. We are all trying to figure out what comes next as we continue to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic. I recently heard an interview with business […]