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How to evaluate what you offer candidates with disabilities

Image Credit:TeroVesalainen / Pixabay A CareerXroads Colloquium Mind Map Exercise At our recent Recruiting Automation and Innovation Meeting, we conducted a Design Thinking Exercise to explore how employers perceive their employee values and, in turn, what their candidates feel are important – in this case, specifically, candidates with disabilities. We […]

What’s Really Happening in Recruiting Operations & Analytics

This year at our Recruiting Operations and Analytics Colloquium meeting, the discussion with 50 Talent Acquisition leaders started with determining the key responsibilities of both Operations and Analytics team members.  After a day and a half of collaboration among participating members, it became increasingly clear that the realized value of […]

A.I. – If you can’t tell, does it matter?

Just last week, CareerXroads hired Amy.  She joined our team to help us stay organized and save us time when scheduling meetings.  In five days, she has scheduled over a dozen meetings with recruiting vendors, venture capitalists, TA leaders and CareerXroads members (and one golf game with my dad.)  In […]