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Wicresoft is an end-to-end recruitment marketing and staffing agency. Its services include media negotiation, optimization and management, career websites, candidate nurturing, employer
branding, social media and more.


Product Analysis

Wicresoft was founded in 2002 as a joint venture with Microsoft. Since then, it has grown into a leading advisory and operations firm featuring a wide variety of business services ranging from IT to talent acquisition and telecom engineering.

In Talent Acquisition (TA), Wicresoft offers services that support all facets of the recruitment marketing process. From employer branding to media optimization, career sites, candidate nurturing, and more, they continually generate new ways to improve processes.

Wicresoft works flexibly with their clients to suit each client’s unique needs. They provide all the services of a traditional agency and more, specializing in all areas of talent acquisition, with offerings like:
• Optimizing pipeline development with media optimization, employer branding, and employee referrals
• Strengthening engagement through social media and candidate nurture programs in which strong candidates that already exist within the pipeline are identified and engaged consistently, automatically, and with no impact on recruiter bandwidth
• Improving career sites with a tool that is more affordable than many competitors’, allowing companies to have better candidate experiences at a more reasonable price

Wicresoft stands out by helping companies optimize the technology that they are already leveraging with existing tools and making the process more affordable and effective from start to finish. By emphasizing flexibility to supply what each client needs, as well as fast, affordable results, they build long-standing client relationships built upon trust and mutual respect.


Analyst Insight

  • Heritage: Deep domain expertise across all areas of recruitment marketing.
  • Integration: Wicresoft is platform agnostic and client-driven.
  • Services: Media Optimization, Negotiation and Management, Employer Branding, Social Media, Career Websites, Candidate Experience, Candidate Nurturing, Direct Staffing, Strategic Advisory 
  • Global: Offices in the United State and UK
  • Customer Support: Customers receive a dedicated account manager and team that supports their recruitment efforts.

Product Enhancements in the Past Year

  • Improving metrics dashboard
  • Making sure every site is optimized for career websites







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Company Background

  • Year Founded:2002
  • Private or Public: Private
  • Headquarters: Bellevue, WA
  • Website: www.wicresoftinterantional.com
  • CEO: Joe Zarrehparvar
  • Investments: None
  • Number of Employees: 80
  • DEI Leadership: 50%

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