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Description & Overview

Company Background

  • Year Founded: 2010
  • Private or Public: Private
  • Headquarters: Brookfield, Wisconsin
  • Number of Customers: 50+
  • Mergers & Acquisitions: acquired by Cielo in 2020
  • CEO: Elaine Orler
  • Investment: N/A
  • DEI leadership: 80% of women on executive team and women owned

Product Analysis

  • Heritage: Deep domain expertise across all areas of talent acquisition and founded by Elaine Orler, industry expert in talent acquisition.
  • Services: Strategy and deployment
  • Global: Global enterprise clients

Analyst Insight

Talent Function is a leading boutique consulting firm, founded by Elaine Orler and acquired by Cielo. Talent Function’s team are true experts on talent acquisition including strategies, technology landscape, and technology deployments. It has provided services and expertise to some of the largest enterprise companies in the world and serves as an industry resource for talent acquisition technology.

Talent Function offers strategy and deployment consulting. Strategy includes visual and goal setting, business process design, talent acquisition structure, market intelligence, and implementation readiness, and analysis. Deployment services include process governance, change management, solution design, training, and optimization.

Talent Function’s differentiators include its scalability, expertise, and talent. More than 80 percent of its clients are in the Fortune 500. Talent Function understands the demands of complex global firms as no other firm in our category does, mapping systems and processes to clients’ local requirements, rather than applying a U.S. template to the world. It offers in-depth Talent Acquisition process improvement and technology expertise. Every employee on the bench has years of experience in a recruiting discipline.

Product Enhancements in the Past Year

Increased partnerships across talent technology and resources to support technology



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