Symphony Talent




Year Founded: 2009
Private or Public: Private
Headquarters: New York, NY
Number of Customers: 500+
Mergers & Acquisitions: Bernard Hodes Group, QueSocial, SkillCheck, Findly, HRLogix, Hodes (UK), SmashFly
CEO: Roopesh Nair
Investment: Owned by Symphony Technology Group (STG)
Number of Employees: 412
DEI leadership: 50%


  • Heritage
    The combination of several acquisitions and in-house capabilities with deep domain expertise in talent acquisition (Next Generation)
  • Integration
    API Integration with ATSs, HRIS, sourcing solutions and external databases
  • Global Capabilities
    Supported in 10+ languages; Office in London,  Belfast, Bangalore; GDPR compliant
  • Release Schedule
  • Customer Support
    Dedicated Account Representatives; Content Curation; Campaign Support; Candidate Experience Services; Creative and Branding Services; Programmatic recruitment advertising management



Analyst Insight

Unlike many of its competitors, Symphony Talent offers expertise in both technology and creative and branding services. This combination provides customers with a better candidate experience and personalized content and communication through services and technology from one provider. Symphony Talent has had a strong year resulting in customer acquisitions and replacements across a wide range of industries including healthcare and financial services.

Symphony Talent has enhanced its capabilities through its own product development – programmatic advertising, conversational assistant, internal mobility, and career sites — plus the acquisition of SmashFly, with employee referrals, events and expanded CRM depth. Its key differentiators are its exceptional user experience and its deep domain expertise in recruitment marketing. It has focused on supporting many of the processes that typically happen in the ATS including assessments, screening, and self-scheduling. It brings traditional “outside” campaigning functionality within the platform including on-demand interview assessments and programmatic advertising.

Symphony Talent is best suited for an enterprise or global enterprise company that is looking for an innovative recruitment marketing platform and/or services to support candidate attraction, internal mobility, campaigning and sourcing, and employer branding efforts.

Product Enhancements in the Past Year

  • Drip Campaign capabilities
  • Enhanced employee referral and internal mobility capabilities
  • Enhanced internal search capabilities
  • Greater personalization through AI providing recommendations and automated processes

Product Enhancements for the Next Year

  • Extend AI to additional use cases and further refine the AI algorithms
  • Send candidates directly to hiring managers based on AI relevance threshold
  • Real-time job recommendation for a visitor on the career site
  • Application overlay with Workday and focus on Workday based clients to deepen this feature set
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