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Description & Overview

Company Background

  • Year Founded: 1950
  • Private or Public: Private
  • Headquarters: Chicago, IL
  • Number of Customers: Over 700
  • Mergers & Acquisitions: Matte Black Studios, Arland Group
  • CEO: Joe Shaker Jr.
  • Number of Employees: Over 130

Product Analysis

  • Heritage: Shaker is a family-owned business with over 70 years of expertise in recruitment marketing.
  • Integration: Shaker is vendor agnostic and integrates with major talent acquisition technology providers.
  • Global Capabilities: In 2019, Shaker joined the recruitment marketing agency international consortium, One Agent, as the vanguard agency for North America. They work with many enterprise organizations on their employment branding and marketing strategies globally.
  • Release Schedule: Releases are determined based on the scale and scope of projects.
  • Customer Support: Shaker has consulting and advisory that builds employer brands customized/targeted recruitment activation and talent attraction strategies, monitors, measures
    and evolves based on insights for the optimized outcome.

Analyst Insight

Shaker, a leading recruitment marketing provider, combines years of deep domain expertise with cutting-edge innovation across brand, media, and technology. It partners with clients to build stronger brands and successfully attract talent. It serves as a trusted advisor for companies at any stage in their recruitment marketing journey by offering services or partnering with leading providers in the market. As a family-owned business, Shaker’s core values include a commitment to client satisfaction and employee appreciation.

Shaker’s capabilities include four key areas: employer branding, communication/media, design, and metrics. Employer branding capabilities are based on research and analysis and support clients in creating a brand or improving and strengthening an existing EVP. Communication capabilities include programmatic media, media buying and replacement, digital media buying or replacement, social media, text/mobile, and talent community manager. Design capabilities include career sites, landing pages, virtual events, and intranets/extranets. Metrics capabilities analyze how well companies are performing in the digital space and provide insights for improvements.

While many recruitment marketing providers are still trying to figure out where they belong and how they fit into the market, Shaker is clear on its value proposition and has partnered with companies to improve recruitment marketing efforts. And, it has a long track record of success to back it up. Shaker is best suited for enterprise companies in North America looking for support in employer brand, media, and recruitment marketing technology.

Product Enhancements in the Past Year

  • Crisis Management Campaigns, tools, and resources
  • Internal Communications aligned with HR/TA messaging

Product Enhancements for the Next Year

Shaker plans to continue to innovate and provide recruitment solutions to help companies brand, market, and convert qualified and diverse applicants to hires.


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