Company Background

  • Year Founded: 2018
  • Private or Public: Private
  • Headquarters: Melbourne, Australia
  • Number of Customers: 40
  • Mergers & Acquisitions: N/A
  • CEO: Barbara Hyman
  • Investment: $6.7m
  • Number of Employees: 24
  • DEI leadership: 30% female, including female CEO


Product Analysis

  • Heritage: CEO Barbara Hyman, Barb gained ten years of experience at the Boston Consulting Group and has since held leadership roles in a range of sectors, including the arts, professional services, and tech. Predictive Hire’s AI is based on published and peer-reviewed research build on the principles of structured interviews, personality theory, NLP, and machine learning.
  • Integration: Open API integration with the major ATS providers
  • Global Capabilities: English language only until 2022, ISO 27001 accreditation, GDPR compliant  
  • Release Schedule:  Quarterly
  • Customer Support:  24/7 worldwide customer support


Analyst Insight

Predictive Hire is a recruitment automation solution that puts the candidate first with a more human and fair experience. It asks only five behavioral questions of candidates relevant to the role that take 15-20 minutes. It extracts up to 80 features without capturing any sensitive information like gender, age, and race. It is untimed and safe for candidates making it an inclusive and comfortable way to interview for a job.  With Predictive Hire, every candidate gets a fair and consistent experience.

By creating a consistent and fair experience for candidates early in the process, companies are more successful at reducing bias and increasing inclusivity. Predictive Hire provides blind interviews to ensure every candidate has the same experience. As an AI provider, Predictive Hire takes an ethical approach to AI and providing transparency on its methodologies and data. One unique differentiator is its capabilities that give every candidate feedback and personalized messaging on the hiring process. Customers go live within twenty-four hours.

Predictive Hire is best suited for mid-sized and enterprise companies looking to bring objective data to hiring and promotion decisions, improve the candidate experience, reduce bias, and provide a more human recruitment experience.


Product Enhancements in the Past Year 

  • Launching its 5th product, LiveInterview, an interviewing platform that makes remote interviewing fast, fair, and easy.  
  • Adding a plagiarism and profanity detector, which flags the presence of either to recruiters
  • Enabling data sovereignty to ensure that data stays in-country


Product Enhancements for the Next Year

  • Adding voice response as an option for those who prefer to speak their responses to the five questions
  • Integrating into the SAP marketplace to enable anyone on Success Factors to access the technology fast and easily


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  • The Qantas Group
  • Telefonica
  • Iceland UK
  • Webhelp
  • Spark NZ
  • Woolworths
  • Energy Australia
  • Deeset
  • Kraft Heinz
  • Simplot
  • Crown Casino
  • Medibank Private
  • Australian Government
  • NZ Police
  • Bunnings
  • Chandler McLeod


Case Study: Grocery/ FMCG
Case Study: Graduate Recruiting
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