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Description & Overview

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Company Background
• Year Founded: 2016
• Private or Public: Private
• Headquarters: Scottsdale, AZ
• Number of Customers: 300+
• Mergers & Acquisitions: N/A
• CEO: Aaron Matos
• Investment: $55M
• Number of Employees: 150+
• DEI leadership: 30%

Product Analysis

  • Heritage: Paradox was founded by Aaron Matos, a leader with deep domain expertise in talent acquisition and talent acquisition technology. Its leadership team includes many talent acquisition experts across product, customer support, and sales/marketing.
  • Integration: Bidirectional API (REST API) with integrations with major ATS, background screening, CRM, and ecosystem providers.
  • Global Capabilities: Supported in 100+ languages for candidates and 20+ languages for recruiters/managers; Offices in the UK and Vietnam; GDPR and CCPA compliant, ISO-27001 certified, and SOC-2 Type-2 certified.
  • Release Schedule: Weekly
  • Customer Support: Full solution design implementation that is co-created with customers and defined by specific customer needs.

Analyst Insight

Paradox is far more than a chatbot. It is a conversational AI provider that enhances the human element of talent acquisition, improving the candidate experience, efficiency, and quality of hire. Conversational AI offers a more sophisticated and more personalized solution to engage candidates through multiple forms of communication. Conversational AI gets smarter through use and connects recruiters and candidates in a more meaningful way. While many of its competitors have been looking for an exit strategy this year, Paradox has experienced tremendous growth. It has demonstrated a commitment to its product roadmap and its customer success strategies.
Paradox has deep domain expertise in talent acquisition. Aaron Matos brings over 25 years of experience in talent acquisition technology and has assembled a team of industry leaders to support product and customer success. This expertise and experience have enabled Paradox to develop strong relationships with its customers and build products that support their long-term objectives. These partnerships have expanded the use cases for Paradox, and many customers leverage it as the experience and communications layer to support the entire technology stack.
Additional differentiators include the simplicity and elegance of Paradox’s User Experience and the comprehensive suite of products. It offers an exceptional experience that is simple and intuitive. McDonald’s is one example of a customer who identified the experience’s simplicity that led to high adoption and satisfaction for candidates and restaurant managers/recruiters.

Product Enhancements in the Past Year

  • Virtual events platform Integrated video in chat — allowing Olivia to respond with employer brand videos, ask candidates to record a video response in screening or invite candidates to a live 1:1 video interview
  • Integration with WeChat
  • Integration with Zoom, Webex, Teams, Bluejeans, and other video conferencing tools

Product Enhancements for the Next Year

Paradox closely guards its roadmap and is happy to share with prospective clients under NDA. That said, it is enhancing and adding to Olivia’s skills, often pushing new features weekly through client-driven use cases.



Featured Customers


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