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HireVue is a hiring experience platform designed to automate workflows and scale hiring. It offers solutions that include text recruiting, assessments, and video interviewing software.


Product Analysis

  • Heritage: HireVue was one of the first digital interview platforms in talent acquisition. It has been a leader in the market for over 15 years. Founded as a video interviewing solution, it has expanded its suite of solutions to include assessments, analytics, and communication.
  • Integration: API integrations with the major ATS and CRM providers and talent ecosystem providers; Dedicated integration team
  • Global: Presence in over 100 countries, GDPR compliance
  • Release Schedule: Weekly
  • Customer Support: Dedicated account representatives, Dedicated integration and implementation team, training, webinars, user groupsProduct Roadmap


Analyst Insight

HireVue, as a leading provider of hiring solutions, helped to define and create the category of digital interviewing in the early 2000s. It supports global enterprise organizations across a wide range of industries including retail, hospitality, professional services, healthcare, and financial services. Over the past decade, it has continued to innovate and expand its suite of solutions to include everything from interviewing to offer. Today, HireVue provides an onDemand Video Interviewing (VI) platform, structured interviewing solutions powered by text (Builder), technical and game-based assessments, HireVue Hiring Assistant which engages talent through multiple stages of the process, and complex scheduling capabilities. HireVue offers a complete ecosystem of hiring tools and provides the flexibility to meet clients’ unique needs.

One differentiator is HireVue’s commitment to security and stability. It has deep expertise in supporting global enterprise organizations with complex integrations and is currently a Workday premium select partner. HireVue’s Builder product which launched this year maps to the Department of Labor’s standards and provides structured interviews to ensure a fair and equitable process. HireVue is one of the few providers that has several products that are FedRAMP approved enabling it to support companies in the public sector and with high security needs.  The Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP) provides a standardized approach to security authorizations for Cloud Service Offerings.

HireVue takes an ethical approach to AI and its products are strictly based on NLP standards. It publishes data and the sources of data that include third-party review and decision-making. In 2022, HireVue published an AI explainability study to provide more transparency on its approach to AI in hiring. HireVue is best suited for global enterprise and enterprise clients that are looking for a secure and stable provider that offers a holistic approach to hiring.


Product Enhancements for the Next Year

  • Builder- structured interview process
  • AI Explainability Study- published study on transparency around hiring decisions







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  • Comply with DOE, Federal, State, and Local Regulations​
  • Provide access to all modules with a single login​
  • Ability for Administrator to restrict data access by role, IP, ID, and report​
  • SOC II Type 2 Certified ​
  • Ability to include a way to monitor and track virus attacks, denial of service, etc​
  • Offsite back-up of all customer data ​
  • Documented back-up process​
  • GDPR compliance​

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