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Description & Overview

Company Background

  • Year Founded: 2010
  • Private or Public: Private
  • Headquarters: Yardley, PA
  • Number of Customers: 250+
  • Mergers & Acquisitions: N/A
  • Company Website:
  • CEO: Diane Smith
  • Investment: Series B- $10M
  • Number of Employees: 50
  • DEI Leadership: 100% women owned

Gr8 People is a global technology platform that supports end to end talent acquisition and helps companies’ source, attract, engage and hire every workforce type in one experience. Built with automated workflows, it provides personalized experiences for every user including internal, high-volume, and contingent talent.

Product Analysis

  • Heritage: Founders Diane Smith and Jayne Kettles have deep domain expertise in recruitment and talent acquisition technology. Their previous company, Virtual Edge, was one of the leading ATS providers that was acquired by ADP in 2006.
  • Global Capabilities: GDPR compliant with a presence in over 50 countries and 15 languages. 4 data centers (Germany, Ireland, US (2))
  • Customer Support: Dedicated customer support, Implementation support, Training and education

Analyst Insight

GR8 People is an end-to-end talent acquisition platform (The Everyone Platform) that is designed to support every workforce type through a unified experience. Unlike many of its competitors, GR8 People is organically built and includes sourcing, branding, CRM, and ATS capabilities that are fully integrated. Its automated workflows improve the user experience for recruitment teams and candidates and providers greater flexibility for high-volume, internal, and contingent talent. Its AI engine, Eureka, allows companies to match talent to the right opportunities.

In a market where many providers are struggling to expand outside of the US, GR8 People has established itself as a strong global contender. GR8 People’s differentiators include its ability to support global companies and its commitment to compliance. It has four data centers around the world including one in Germany and it supports 15 languages. Its commitment to security and compliance has made GR8 People a preferred partner for many of the leading RPOs, Workday, and LinkedIn. Its global expertise is matched by its commitment to customer support. Its team truly partners with companies to deliver the best experiences. One customer interviewed for this study stated that they are “incredibly responsive and great to work with.”

GR8 People is one of the few CRM and ATS providers that can support total talent (permanent and contingent workers). As companies increase their use of contingent workers this year, the ability to source, attract and hire every talent from one platform provides a simple and efficient experience. GR8 People is best suited for mid-to-large enterprise and global enterprise companies.

Product Enhancements in the Past Year

  • Partnership with LinkedIn
  • Enhanced Total Talent capabilities
  • Rebrand to the Everyone Platform



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