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Description & Overview

Company Background

  • Year Founded: 2019
  • Private or Public: Private
  • Headquarters: Redwood City, CA
  • Number of Customers: 150
  • CEO: Hari Kolam
  • Number of Employees: 85    
  • Website:

Findem is an AI-driven platform that helps companies identify and attract talent through sourcing, outreach, and talent analytics. Its solutions include recruitment analytics, talent pool analytics, sourcing, candidate rediscovery, employee referrals, internal mobility, and diversity analytics.  

Product Analysis

  • Heritage: Hari Kolam founded the company to help companies improve efficiency, quality of hire, and diversity in recruitment. His background includes engineering and technology leadership roles at Instart, Aster Data, and Sun Microsystems.
  • Integration: API integrations with the major ATS providers
  • Global: GDPR compliant
  • Release Schedule: Weekly
  • Customer Support: Training, implementation, and customer support

Analyst Insight

Findem is an AI-driven platform that helps companies identify and attract the best talent with powerful search capabilities, outreach, and analytics. Findem combines sourcing, recruitment marketing, and analytics. While most providers are focused on either sourcing or recruitment marketing, Findem is equally strong in each of these areas. It includes sourcing capabilities for both internal and external candidates, candidate outreach through campaigns, analytics, candidate rediscovery, and employee referrals. Its analytics layer provides insights into talent pools, diverse candidates, and overall recruitment analytics.

Findem’s search is a key differentiator. It is built using attributes and makes inferences across data sources to find quality talent. The context and inference that Findem provides allows companies to better understand talent and make smarter decisions. It is integrated with the major ATS systems and even serves as an intelligence layer on top of an ATS. Through both sourcing and candidate outreach, Findem is providing companies with visibility and consistency through the entire funnel. 

DEIB is a critical topic in HR Technology. Many providers are going to market with solutions to improve diversity but do not have diversity on their own teams. Furthermore, they do not demonstrate a commitment to helping companies reduce bias. Diversity, equity and inclusion is a part of everything at Findem and continues to be a priority. Its team is diverse with 80% of the leadership team comprised of diverse talent and DEIB is at the heart of its culture. For companies looking to improve diversity recruitment, Findem has invested in helping companies achieve these goals.

Findem is best suited for enterprise companies with professional hiring needs. 



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