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Compa is growing its feature set across offer intelligence, management, and transparency. Compa is currently adding companies to the waitlist for beta access to a brand new way to measure real-time market compensation trends.


Product Analysis

  • Heritage: Founder, Charlie Franklin, began his career as an HR practitioner focused on compensation, including consulting at Mercer, leading compensation at Juniper Networks, and HR M&A at Workday. leading compensation and HR programs at large organizations including Mercer and Workday. While at Workday, Franklin won a scholarship to London Business Schoolthe London School or Economics based on his vision for Compa. He has deep expertise in aligning compensation strategies with broader talent and business strategies.
  • Integration: Custom built integrations with the major ATS and HCM providers
  • Global: Presence in over 40 countries, GDPR compliance
  • Release Schedule: Weekly
  • Customer Support: Chat, Slack, Email, Call 5 days/week; extensive knowledge base


Analyst Insight

Compa is transforming talent acquisition and the impact that recruiting teams can have on retention, pay equity, and employee experience. It improves offer management by giving candidates more transparency around their offers and pay decisions. It empowers HR and talent acquisition teams to get smarter about the offer management process and connect with candidates in a more authentic way – building stronger relationships based on trust. Recruiters can use Compa at any stage in the talent acquisition process even during the attract process.

In the new era  of pay transparency, talent acquisition is on the front line of this important initiative. Pay equity starts with talent acquisition. Compa provides TA leaders with the tools they need to define pay transparency, convert quality applicants to hires, and improve the new hire experience. As talent acquisition evolves, recruiters need flexible solutions to support candidates and employers. Compa works by integrating with an ATS, understanding offer history, analyzing compensation data, and creating compelling offers built on transparency and trust. It combines data with authenticity.

Compa is best suited for enterprise and global enterprise organizations looking to improve conversion of applicants to hires, improve new hire experiences, and staying committed to pay equity and pay transparency.


Product Enhancements for the Next Year

  • New features to simplify and automate offer workflows at scale
  • Growing list of ATS integrations, including Workday, SmartRecruiters, iCIMS, Greenhouse, Lever, and Jobvite, and more
  • Pay bias risk assessment on every offer (available now)







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    Company Background

    • Year Founded: 2020
    • Private or Public: Private
    • Headquarters: Newport Beach, CA
    • CEO: Charlie Franklin
    • Investment: $3.9M
    • Number of Employees: 15
    • Website:


    • Comply with DOE, Federal, State, and Local Regulations​
    • Provide access to all modules with a single login​
    • Ability for Administrator to restrict data access by role, IP, ID, and report​
    • SOC II Type 2 Certified ​
    • Ability to include a way to monitor and track virus attacks, denial of service, etc​
    • Offsite back-up of all customer data ​
    • Documented back-up process​
    • GDPR compliance​

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