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Appcast is a global programmatic job advertising provider that uses technology and data to help companies streamline advertising and effectively find the best candidates for open jobs. Appcast Premium is an enhanced services platform and Appcast Xcelerator is a cost-per applicant job exchange.


Product Analysis

  • Heritage: Appcast Founder and CEO, Chris Forman is a talent acquisition industry expert with deep expertise in TA tech. He founded several technology and services companies in the industry.
  • Integration: Deep integrations with major job publishers and ATS providers. Integration with ATS providers includes a conversion tag on the apply process.
  • Global Capabilities: Offices in 4 countries, GDPR compliant, Reach candidates in over 130 countries
  • Release Schedule: Daily


Analyst Insight

Appcast is a leading programmatic job advertising provider focused on helping companies streamline advertising, reduce spend, and achieve ROI. Unlike traditional job advertising models that are slow and time-consuming, programmatic solves an immediate need for companies today- greater efficiency and higher quality. Appcast’s differentiator is that it provides both world-class, leading technology with deep domain expertise in talent acquisition and recruitment advertising. Appcast provides technology backed by a team committed to driving performance, aligned with customers’ needs and hiring goals. Appcast offers a suite of three solutions to suit the needs of today’s talent acquisition teams: Xcelerate, Premium, and Global.

Appcast Xcelerate is a job exchange platform and does not require companies to pay software fees. Instead, they only pay when someone applies for a job. Xcelerate ensures that job ads attract qualified candidates for all open jobs. It uses data and algorithms to determine where – among the 10,000+ job sites in their network – job ads will reach the best candidates. Xcelerate’s programmatic rules ensure that budget is only spent on jobs that need more candidates.

Appcast Premium is an enterprise enhanced services platform for companies hiring at scale and looking for a fully programmatic model. Whereas Xcelerate provides more of a self-service offering (still with dedicated support from Appcast), Premium is the “full service” option in which Appcast shoulders the burden of managing an employer’s entire job advertising program across all possible candidate sources. The idea with Premium is that Appcast are truly the job advertising experts and when partnering closely and gaining deep understanding of the client’s needs, they will achieve the best possible results for that client. This solution is really a strategic partnership, fueled by customized data insights and industry-leading expertise.

Appcast Global is a solution provided in partnership with The Network that reaches candidates in 138 countries and distributes jobs across 60+ leading local sites. The key benefits to global recruiting teams are that they work with one partner to facilitate and drastically simplify job postings across different currencies, contracts, and pricing models.







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Company Background

  • Year Founded: 2014
  • Private or Public: Private
  • Headquarters: New Hampshire
  • Mergers & Acquisitions: N/A
  • CEO: Chris Forman
  • Investments: Stepstone became a majority shareholder in 2019
  • Number of Employees: 200+


  • Comply with DOE, Federal, State, and Local Regulations​
  • Provide access to all modules with a single login​
  • Ability for Administrator to restrict data access by role, IP, ID, and report​
  • SOC II Type 2 Certified ​
  • Ability to include a way to monitor and track virus attacks, denial of service, etc​
  • Offsite back-up of all customer data ​
  • Documented back-up process​
  • GDPR compliance​

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