Let’s Talk About Internship Programs

Internships are an ideal way to hire quality college graduates. In fact, 100% of our survey respondents said that they hire US-based interns annually. This isn’t a surprise, as each year CareerXroads holds a colloquium meeting with our current CareerXroads colloquium member companies where for two days we discuss all things related to internships and managing college recruiting programs.

While these internships are spread out throughout the year, most generally take place in the summer and in the fall. Co-ops were the most popular form of early career programs, followed by summer programs and mentorship programs. Most internship programs are managed by an internship program manager or campus recruiters, with each intern being managed directly by hiring managers in each business unit. Most companies indicated that the hiring managers are directly responsible for training the interns, however, most companies do not incentivize their hiring managers to deliver a positive experience to their interns. Furthermore, about 60% of all interns do receive a formal fulltime offer in which most interns have between 3-4 months to accept the offer, which is usually dependent on their college internship guidelines. As far as referrals are concerned, most organizations don’t pay for any campus referrals.

How many campus hires does your organization hire annually?

  • Full time, Globally:   395
  • Full time, US-based:   478
  • Interns, US-based:   318
  • Interns, Globally:   236

*Answers are averages of open entry responses

How are intern hires distributed by the time of year?

  • Summer:  78%
  • Fall:  10%
  • Winter:   2%
  • Spring:  10%

*Answers are averages of open entry responses

For what intern roles are you primarily hiring?

  • Sales/Marketing:  15%
  • HR:  4%
  • Engineering:   34%
  • IT:  9%
  • Finance/Accounting:  10%
  • Consulting:  8%
  • Other:  20%

*Answers are averages of open entry responses

Response to other:

  • Functional Early Career Programs- IT, HR, MBA, Finance, ISC, Software
  • Girls who code high school students
  • Management Trainee Program
  • Practicums, year-round internships


  • Summer 2019 we on-boarded interns across 77 US sites
  • We have interns that work in our HQ locations as well as our field locations across the US
  • Hospital and corporate settings
  • The vast majority are here at HQ
  • 85% are in our HQ, 15% are in satellite plants
  • HQ, State offices
  • Both in the field and in corporate


  • We do have UR Focals for each business but intern coordination is at the sites
  • We have one person dedicated to Student Employee Programs attempting to put a consistent (virtual) experience in place for all US based interns/co-ops
  • We have a dedicated Intern PM for the US
  • We have a newly created role that handles all campus project mgmt.
  • Yes, for certain programs, but not all.
  • It’s a shared resource and 1/3 or the FTE role
  • For Engineering majors only (sit in function/business not TA); Finance, IT, & Sales do not (HR for function/business is also the coordinator for interns)
  • Program Manager

Responses to other

  • Combination of a centralized University Relations team with help from each business involved in the program
  • Hybrid of 2 & some of 3. Dedicated person in central function to oversee top level virtual training/programming, but we push down “local engagements” to the sites to determine how they want to program for the summer locally.
  • Mix of recruiters and intern support
  • It is a mix of a dedicated intern program coordinator for particular programs and each business unit depending on the program.


  • Leadership Institute Leader


  • Hiring Managers but also peers in their group/team that they are a part of is really common in a lot of our groups
  • Each function or business unit has an on-boarding team for their interns that takes them through formal training at the beginning of the internship

Responses to Other:

  • Housing provided in one site where we have 500+ interns/co-ops a summer; stipends provided for interns/co-ops across all other sites
  • We use an outsourced relo company that provides customized needs for interns more than 50 miles away from one of our offices
  • They can choose between the fully-furnished housing (living dorm-style 4 in a 2bd/2ba) or take the lump sum

Responses to other:

  • 3-4 months
  • Yes, depends on school policy
  • Several months
  • It depends on the University. Some have rules about the length offer decision time we are allowed to give.
  • Three months
  • Really varies and is up to each manager; Early Careers team is really looking at this one to determine if we need to put some guardrails around this to aid our managers as MANY students will take the option to “shop” if they believe they have it available
  • We follow all school accept deadlines
  • Corporate functions will give their interns until late October and most field functions give about a month after the internship end date
  • Yes, based on school guidelines
  • 6 weeks…if they accept within the first 2 weeks we give an additional sign-on bonus
  • Last week in October
  • 2 months
  • We share offers in late-July to start in June the next year. They have until
  • December 1st to accept as that is what the colleges drive.
  • We follow school policy deadlines, however, there are incentives to accept earlier


  • We host a diversity-focused Sophomore Extern Program.
  • Academy Gold HBCU In LA
  • We have a university diversity program that is very new called Better Together. This focuses on the attraction, conversion/retention of the intern and FTE diverse hires. We have both core and ‘backyard’ diversity schools that we engage and partner with including campus managers assigned to those schools and executive sponsors. We also will partner with the Account Execs for those schools and monitor product purchasing and ‘share of wallet’ with these schools.
  • We work with INROADS which focuses on diverse talent and also the MKE Fellows program that specifically focuses on developing black male leadership. Through these partnerships, we host intern opportunities for more than a dozen students. The internships can be in any field within healthcare. We also hold a Leadership Networking Luncheon for our students where we gather many of our diverse leaders from the organization to network with our interns. We also set up our interns from these programs with mentors from diverse backgrounds to build relationships with over the course of their experience. Yes, I am willing to discuss this topic further.
  • Our whole internship program has a diversity focus.
October 30, 2019

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