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Determining Employee Referrals

While it likely doesn’t surprise anyone that nearly 90% of our current CareerXroads members that responded to this “Pulse” survey report to track employee referrals as a source of hire, it could come as news that a large portion of enterprise-sized organizations still leave it up to the candidate to identify themselves as a referral.  Nearly 40% of respondents report that referral candidates select “employee referral” from a menu option when applying and are subsequently asked to name the referring employee.

Some organizations are moving away from this tactic because they worry that candidates falsely identify as a referral in the hopes of preferential treatment.  Other companies are enabling this feature with the caveat that to be considered a valid referral, the candidate can have no prior applicant activity in their systems within the last six months.  Regardless of the approach (be it automated, assisted, or completely manual) or the additional processes and details that 22 (just a portion) of the participating organizations shared within the open comments of this survey, it’s clear that identifying and tracking employee referrals is still a moving target for the industry.