2021 Priorities

What Talent Acquisition challenges will be top of mind for you in 2021?

Say what you will, but priorities change over time.  Especially when you throw global social and health crises into the mix.  We opened this research survey to the public and have shared the responses from (verified) talent professionals and leaders below.  Choices available for each topic were: Not a Priority, Low Priority, Neutral, Priority, High Priority.  Where no selection for that option was made, the choice is removed from the chart.

Our top 3 standouts worthy of discussion include the top focus on diversity hiring and sourcing (which we suspect go hand-in-hand) and the continued focus on recruiting automation.

We’re wondering what stands out to you?

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Talent Community Forums 2021 Priorities… Diversity & Sourcing Take the Lead

  • 2021 Priorities… Diversity & Sourcing Take the Lead

  • Chris Hoyt

    April 28, 2021 at 6:57 pm Company: CXR

    We’ve had this benchmark survey up for a few months asking for TA professionals to weigh in on 15 different aspects of recruiting, ranking each from “Not a Priority” all the way up to “High Priority”.   You can see the full results here now that it’s updated and released to the public. (https://cxr.works/research_reports/2021-priorities/)

    In ranked order for the top 5 highest responses in the “Priority” AND “High Priority” focus we found the following:

    1. Diversity Hiring
    2. Sourcing
    3. Recruiting Automation
    4. Recruiter Training
    5. Transformation

    Conversely, the lowest-ranked priorities aligned with:

    1. TA and HR Layoffs
    2. Ethics in Recruiting
    3. Buy vs. Build
    4. Transitioning back to the Workplace
    5. Internal Mobility

    While we believe that the Sourcing and Diversity priorities go hand-in-hand (we’re having countless conversations around how to source for diversity and build diverse candidate slates) a few of these did surprise me a bit based on other talks we’re having with leaders.  I wonder if any surprise you.

    2021 Priorities

  • Gerry Crispin

    April 29, 2021 at 11:17 am Company: CXR

    Seems to me that ‘direct’ impact are the highest priorities and those related more to Talent Management/Development are more ‘indirect’ and therefore score less…maybe still a priority to some extent but not primary.

  • Terra Doyle

    April 29, 2021 at 11:26 am Company: Roche

    Very interesting and align nicely with what we are seeing also. Especially in the area of Diversity Recruitment. Although to a degree I am surprised on the back to work ranking – it’s such a mixed bag when I talk to people in the industry on the relevance – especially for those that have such a strong “in presence culture”. If Covid has taught us anything, however, it’s how to be highly productive and engaged in a virtual way. Something those of us in TA have known for years.

  • Chris Sheptoski

    April 29, 2021 at 12:20 pm

    Recruiting diverse talent is absolutely our top priority. As a CPG company we need to reflect our consumers, and more specifically, gender parity at the Manager + level. Naturally, as part of this, attrition is also a key initiative for our organization.

    We are also in the middle of a HR Transformation, included in that is simplifying and automating as much as we can in the recruiting process. Lastly, Sr. Leadership is working to determine our philosophy and then put into practice, our position on allowing employees to work remotely, more to come.

    I am curious how other companies are viewing working remotely coming out of Covid19. Hybrid (Some home some in office) only in office or completely at home?

    Be well!!

    C Shep

  • Joseph Archila

    April 29, 2021 at 12:34 pm Company: Marsh and McLennan Companies
    41 Points

    I am not really surprised by these priorities and they mostly align with ours at Marsh McLennan especially diversity hiring, optimizing our TA COE delivery and return to the office. We are also going through another round of HR transformation. I think of it more as a continuous improvement cycle with periodic pushes driven by economics and leadership strategy.

  • Roger Coker

    April 29, 2021 at 3:21 pm Company: All Native Group
    46 Points

    No surprises for me in the results. We align with the top 5 with one exception, we move Internal Mobility into our Top 5. We’ve spent the last 16 months “transforming” HR and TA and have made tremendous progress.

    With respect to Chris Sheptoski’s question about post pandemic remote work, the pandemic completely transformed our leaders thinking about remote work. They were 100% against any form of remote work pre-pandemic and have just launched our phase 1 return which allows employees to choose to work in the office or split time between remote and office. This was a revolutionary change for us and was brought on by the fact that our leaders recognized, to their astonishment, that people who didn’t have to commute for 1+ hours each day became more productive. We grew during the pandemic and our leaders were so impressed by the productivity they gave us Friday afternoons off all last summer because they worried people were working too much. Waiting to see if that happens again…

    Chris Hoyt, one question, are the numbers on the y axis the number of respondents per question? Thanks for posting this. I’m, as always, a very appreciative CXR Alum!

  • Shelia Gray

    April 29, 2021 at 7:02 pm Company: Quadient
    197 Points

    I a m surprised that Internal Mobility came in last. Good people want to work at good places. Attracting diversity talent could be enhanced by internal success stories.

  • Mirandah Thomas , MBA

    April 30, 2021 at 11:09 am
    182 Points

    I would agree with your top 5 — however, I feel that ethics in recruiting aligns to Diversity and aligns to discussions that seem to be pretty popular around de-biasing…however not sure if there was a different meaning behind this one. I agree, the Sourcing piece aligns also with Diversity and as companies are ramping back up, Sourcing is back to being top of mind.

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