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At CareerXroads we’re constantly working to research and benchmark talent acquisition data that matter to our members. Some of this research is sparked because our members specifically ask for real-time responses to help with strategic deliveries within their organizations. Other content is pulled together based on what we observe within recruiting organizations or vendors around the world. See an open survey? Take a few minutes to participate. Enterprise members can also review completed research reports from this page.

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CXR Research Reports

2020 TA Challenges
Which of the following challenges do you see dominating TA this year? We gave them ten choices and then sat back to see what rose to the top of the list. The results tell an interesting story about the growing importance of talent acquisition in today’s organizations. 

Preboarding New Hires
Preboarding is the process of verifying important background information on a particular new employee. Reference checks, background checks, drug testing, and I-9 verification are some of the tasks involved in preboarding a new employee. Though each organization is different, is there some consistency in preboarding a new employee?

Employee Referral Programs in 2019
Traditionally, employee referrals have helped garner top talent into an organization. It wasn’t a surprise that all but one of the CXR companies that responded to our survey have a formal employee referral program (ERP) in place.

What Sits in Recruiting Ops?
There are several different aspects of talent and acquisition beyond hiring talent. At the center of TA lies recruiting operations. Recruiting operations help TA departments run effectively and efficiently, all while supporting hiring strategies, and logistics.

Utilizing Non-Compete Agreements
Non-compete agreements can become a major factor in the potential hiring of a new employee. There are a variety of reasons for using non-compete agreements. The majority of CXR member companies use non-compete agreements prior to an employee being hired.

TA Market Intelligence Pay Ranges
Many organizations have implemented Talent and Acquisition Market Intelligence positions. These individuals sit at the forefront of research, providing actionable data and insights that influence and organization’s talent strategy. But how much do they get paid? We turned to our CXR member companies to find out.

Self-Identification Data
Self-identification helps companies ascertain how they are advancing their diversity and inclusion strategy. While self-identification is often optional, some employers are required to collect self-identification information.

Let’s Talk About Internship Programs
Internships are an ideal way to hire quality college graduates. In fact, 100% of our survey respondents said that they hire US-based interns annually. Take a look at their best practices.

Internal Mobility Guidelines
Any talent and acquisition professional will tell you that there is nothing more essential than hiring the right person. Yet, many TA professionals will also concur that retaining those individuals are just as crucial.

Source of Hire
Can we truly measure the influence or performance of a source on our hiring process? This CXR Pulse Survey attempts to again address the age-old question…

Time to Fill and Cost Per Hire
Time To Fill (TTF) and Cost Per Hire (CPH) are traditionally two metrics that leaders watch closely. However, are they still key benchmarks to gauge the success of TA initiatives?

Culinary Recruitment
This Culinary Recruiting Challenges report walks readers through sourcing for culinary recruiting, top qualifications sought, and addresses some challenges that are unique to this niche market. 

Talent Acquisition by Org Structure
We asked CXR member companies to share how large their recruiting teams are, the size of their sourcing teams, how much work is given to RPO’s, and how their teams report in/through business partners and clients.

Hourly Jobs in ATS
CXR asked members how they handle the hiring of hourly employees and found that while some have separate systems for the division of labor, many have cobbled together processes and practices that require shifting talent manually.

Career Site Redesign
CareerXroads asked its current colloquium membership companies that have updated their career sites in the last 3 years to share their thoughts around priorities and pitfalls. 

Employee Networks
Whether they are called Affinity Groups, ERGs, BRGs or some other title or acronym, these networks continue to evolve. We’ve tried to scratch the surface hard enough to see below and give some insight into what lies at a deeper level.

Rethinking Recruiting Structure
CareerXroads initiated the “Rethinking Recruiting Structure” survey and received responses from ~60 CareerXroads Colloquium member companies.  

Employee Referral Programs
In our release of the complete review of corporate Employee Referral Programs, we uncovered interesting insights that ranged from how programs were set up to managed and even compensated around the globe.  

Candidate Digital Competencies
Can you predict your business’ capacity to grow digitally if your leaders don’t have an intimate understanding of the digital opportunities that are bubbling up?

Retained Search Agreement
While large, well-branded employers have dramatically increased their own internal executive search capabilities over the last decade, there are still strong partnerships with external retained firms.

Sales Recruiting
Sales is the easiest job to calculate an ROI for improved recruiting. The amount of loss in sales each day the ‘territory’ lies vacant; the time and cost to train and cover; the cost of a poor selection process; etc. etc. all play a role…

Leadership Assessment
Large, well-branded Employers are more likely than not to be formally assessing their leadership candidates with a discipline not replicated as well for any other position.

Global Candidate Mobility
Inquiring minds wanted to know how often active candidates are applying “across geographic borders”. Just how porous are we in 21st-century ex-pat thinking?

Facebook Recruiting
CXR data shows fewer than 1/2 of large, well-branded employers have a written social media policy that is specific to recruiting. Fewer than 1/2 (and not necessarily the same 1/2) think Facebook is an acceptable site to source talent.

Technology Survey
We asked CXR Colloquium members this past year (more than 80 responded) to rate their specific technology vendors, suppliers, and tools in 26 different categories on our highly validated index of satisfaction 

Diversity Expectations
Who, if not recruiters and the talent acquisition function within an organization, has the ultimate ability to help ensure that companies are looking at diverse talent when bringing people on board? 

Recruiter Capacity
Nearly 70 CareerXroads member companies responded to this pulse survey to help shine a light on recruiting capacity questions and challenges frequented within the industry. 

Sourcing Investments
In this recent CareerXroads benchmark report we asked our members to share how they’re looking to change their investments when sourcing talent into the next year.

Determining Employee Referrals
Nearly 90% of our CXR members responded to this survey to track employee referrals as a source of hire, and a large portion of enterprise-sized organizations leave it up to the candidate to identify themselves as a referral.

Campus Recruiting Models
Campus leaders continue to share in this report how their approaching on-campus activity, the evolution of their organization’s interviewing processes, and more.

Alumni Programs
Company leaders share within this report their percentage of “boomerang” hires, and details regarding their own values and competitive practices related to alumni programs and talent acquisition.

Each year CareerXroads holds a colloquium meeting with our current CareerXroads Colloquium member companies where for 2 days we discuss all things related to internships and managing college recruiting programs.

Internal Mobility
Ask any HR or TA leader to list the most important assets within their organization and you can expect to hear “our people” at the top of the list. That’s why companies continue to draw a focus on internal development.

Center of Excellence Report
CareerXroads asked its membership a series of questions related to how their COE’s are focused and delivering a return on investment. The responses from the leaders within organizations might surprise many.