CareerXroads Q4 2023 Report

Redefining Candidate Experience in the Era of AI

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Future-Proofing Talent Acquisition

Report on AI in Candidate Experience

The global pandemic undeniably shook-up talent acquisition, from the rise of remote work to the “great resignation” and more. One area continually poised for ongoing transformation is candidate experience.

CareerXroads convened a group of ~40 talent acquisition leaders and industry experts to delve into this turning point for candidate experience. Their insights form the basis of this report, offering actionable steps to revamp candidate experience in the AI era.

Our leaders delved into the evolving candidate experience, especially in the post- pandemic era, with a keen eye on the impact and integration of AI. We were fortunate to have experts on board who discussed trends, alternatives, envisioned the ideal future state, and offered valuable recommendations for organizations seeking to adapt and lead the charge in this dynamic landscape.


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