S4 E96 | Talent Sourcing Meeting Recap

Edward Jones, AdventHealth and Optum members sit down with Chris to give a meeting recap and share their big takeaways

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Chris Hoyt, CXR 0:19
Everybody, welcome back to another CareerXroads podcast. And in this CXR episode, we’re going to do a quick recap, we literally just came out of a meeting, where it was our first sourcing meeting of the year, we haven’t met since August when a lot of newcomers on the call, which was pretty exciting, and we had some veterans alike. So it was really great to hear some different perspectives. In this quick recap, we’ve got three three guests, excuse me, Edward Jones, AdventHealth, and Optum. So we’ve got three rock stars on this sort of to tell us what they thought, and their big takeaways. I’ve got a couple and I always walk away with two or three pages of notes. But let’s start Samantha, actually, let’s start. Let’s just go around the room. Who are Who are you? What do you do? How long have you been in your organization? We’ll do those first. And we’ll circle back around. So Samantha, why don’t you start? Who the heck is Samantha?

Samantha Pohl, Edward Jones 1:10
All right, well, um, my name is Samantha Pohl. I am a, what we call resource team recruiter for Edward Jones. For financial advisors. I actually support our regional recruiting teams with sourcing and a variety of other support functions. And, but sourcing is one of the main things that I do. Um, and I have been with Edward Jones about seven years now. So and I’m based out of St. Louis, Missouri.

Chris Hoyt, CXR 1:40
Nice. We have a lot of members in St. Louis.

Samantha Pohl, Edward Jones 1:43
Yeah. So, you know, I thought it was really very informational. Today, I enjoyed all of the people that shared specifically I really enjoyed listening to and learning about market intelligence and sourcing, I think that that competitive Intel is really important right now, especially in our industry, being, you know, kept up to date on what’s going on, so that we can, you know, be able to have that competitive edge when we’re talking to candidates. And so, you know, I was really, really appreciative of the information that I got from the speaker in regards to, you know, some different ways to to get that Intel So, that was my, probably the thing I enjoyed most today.

Chris Hoyt, CXR 2:25
Good stuff. Yeah, that seemed to be pretty constant throughout the meeting today. So So, Josh AdventHealth tell us a little bit myself. What did you have a big takeaway today? big aha moment?

Josh Johnson, Advent Health 2:36
Yes, I did, actually a very similar Samantha’s. But I’m Josh Johnson. I’m the talent sourcing manager over here at AdventHealth. been with the company five years when it was menace health systems, and then Florida hospital. So we’ve been through a couple of changes. And I have a sourcing team of about 35 people, as of right now. So for me, the big takeaway, again, was market insights. And the reason why I say that is because I’m in more and more meetings with CEOs VPS What else can What else can you do recruitment? What else can you do? I mean, pulled out all of the stops. I have never seen the level of creativity from from our leaders and our team members, the hard work the they are doing record hiring, and it’s not enough. Right? So I want to give them data that they already know but maybe not you know, are comfortable with Well, yes, everybody else is paying more and by the way, it’s not just the hospital down the street. I’m competing with every single state in the United States here. So yeah, maybe California, New York not as much but Texas for sure. So having the ability to have those intelligent marketing sites and being able to effectively communicate that I feel like is missing for me right now. And and so that’s what resignated why it resignated with me because it’s it’s definitely important right now

Chris Hoyt, CXR 4:04
Getting harder to source talent. And so far what I hear Samantha and Josh saying is we need more intelligence in order to in order to find that town that Tangie bring us home. Are you gonna Are you gonna say its market intelligence? You got to tell us there was a different aha moment for you a different takeaway.

Tangie Pettis, Optum 4:23
Okay, I agree with with Josh and Samantha. However, I do have a different takeaway.

Chris Hoyt, CXR 4:28
Alright, so tell us a little bit about how long you’ve been there and what you do before you jump in.

Tangie Pettis, Optum 4:34
Alright, so Tangie Pettis, and I’m with Optum, and I’ve been with optim for about four months. I’ve been recruiting and sourcing for 23 years, right? But I’ve been in this role for about four months I support the executive recruitment, from senior level activity to C suite level and that’s all on the Optum health side and so as you may know, it requires some very niche type of sourcing and skills to do that role, and I absolutely love it. And so what I enjoyed about today the most was the cross collaboration. Because when you’re in your space, sometimes you can wonder is this only in my world is this, you know, is this just me. And so today to hear from others in this space, how we are all having the same experiences, and then being able to get some resources. And so I would say my big takeaways were the transparency of the group was huge. So all of that cross collaboration, I think this is just a great thing that’s being done here. And then the second thing was not only out of that transparency and the cross collaboration, but there were resources we all shared. And I think each one of us walked away with at least new one or two new resources to take back to our teams. So that’s how I’d wrap it up.

Chris Hoyt, CXR 5:50
Yeah, well, well said, I think, for me, it was interesting. So market intelligence seems to be more important than ever, across the board everyone sort of looking for. There’s this interest in this one stop shop solution. There are a number of vendors and services that were mentioned today from a market intelligence standpoint, but Tangie. For me also, a big piece was the number of resources that were shared. And there was one specific that I had never heard of, that I think a member from one of our defense organizations pretty tight lipped about some of that stuff but getting named in the name but Trans Tech Social Enterprises was a community they said they were having a tremendous amount of success sourcing within and connecting with them. But I had never heard of that before. And it’s this co learning and co working community for the LGBTQ talent and so that is definitely something that when we’re done here I’ll be checking out seeing if that’s of interest and then checking with the rest of our members to see if they’re using anything like that. That’s good stuff. Anything else guys before we sort of wrap up here

Tangie Pettis, Optum 7:02
No just thank you for having us this was great Chris and Gerry.

Chris Hoyt, CXR 7:07
Yeah, well, we always love to have you guys on and we’ll of course See you in the exchanges. They’re always busy and buzzing and I’m looking forward to seeing some posts from you guys.

Announcer 7:16
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