S4 E28 | RecruitersRecruitingRecruiters | Have you met Brad Cook?

Chris Hoyt wraps up Monday with a cold drink as he connects with friend and industry leader, Brad Cook, of Intuitive Surgical.  In this segment learn why Brad was so passionate about being involved and helping to lead the RecruitersRecruitingRecruiters project from inception to delivery.  Along the way, we’ll learn a little about what Brad likes to do when he’s not trying to change the industry for the better..

More on Recruiters Recruiting Recruiters:

A collaboration of industry veterans from HRTech companies including CareerXroads, Gr8 People, Consider, SmartRecruiters, PhenomPeople, Paiger, Lever, The Talent Board, and Red Branch Media, the platform is unique from other talent exchange programs in that it draws from CXR members such as Nike, EY, Hilton, Marriott, United Airlines, Intuitive Surgical, CVS, Uber, and others. Talent professionals at these companies are helping to architect the concept and entrusting their employees’ to its success.

Another differentiating feature is the commitment of participating employers to excellent candidate experience and ensuring they follow up with candidates who apply via the platform.