CXR Uncorked: Michael Kannisto and Copious Amounts of Saké.

Join Chris Hoyt & Gerry Crispin as they spend time with Michael Kannisto from CXR Member, PVH. You’ll learn about a few of Michael’s passions including the importance of truly understanding the business to be a better talent acquisition partner. When he joined PVH, that meant taking some sewing and fashion classes. Michael also runs a TA think tank called MindemicLab. Inspired by the “tons of interesting people” that Michael knows and a desire to consider the future, he regularly brings together groups for future scenario planning, specifically, what would the world of work look like in 30 years. “Back in my day job, I find myself considering things in a different light – asking what that will look like in one year or five years… the predictive work from the think tank has added a dimension to my work as a talent acquisition professional that I couldn’t have anticipated but has been wonderful.”

Michael also shared one of his favorite hobbies: sake tasting. The group tastes two different sakes and Michael was able to talk about the different methods used in each. CXR Uncorked is a series of chats with TA & TM leaders over a shared favorite beverage. An excellent opportunity to learn a bit more about the passions of our members – from their choice of drink to current projects or challenges.