CareerXroads 2018 Roadmap

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What a year 2017 was for CareerXroads and its members!  With more meetings than before, more member companies than ever, higher volumes of content, our 100th colloquium meeting, an immersive trip to learn about recruiting practices in Japan, and innovative new meeting strategies, we couldn’t have asked for more.  Except, that’s exactly what we’re doing for 2018 – asking, and delivering, more.  Our CareerXroads 2018 roadmap is packed with some fun and exciting updates.  Here are a few highlights of what’s ahead…

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The 2018 CareerXroads Colloquium meeting schedule

As many already know, our current member companies select the topics and hosting locations for each following year.  Changing things up a bit, we’re kicking off 2018 in March at Teradata in San Diego, CA where we’ve combined the Analytics and Operations meetings.  The meeting that follows that is especially exciting because it’s a new theme and a hot topic in our industry right now.  We’ll be at Converse in Boston, MA in April to spend one and a half days talking about Recruiting Automation and Innovation.  The last big change to how we normally conduct our meetings is a partnership with Unleash – a European based recruiting conference.  Our final meeting of the year will be in Amsterdam where we’ll be talking with global leaders on the topic of Candidate Experience outside of the US and Canada.  You can view the entire 2018 meeting schedule where you’ll see the rest of the meetings being hosted at powerhouse companies like Dell, DaVita, Target, Palo Alto Networks, and Scotiabank.

CareerXroads Headlines and Content

For those that are avid readers of the CareerXroads website, you’ve already seen the start of more targetted and segmented content.  What our readers and members will notice more of in 2018 is authored content and recommendations from industry personalities, influencers, talent acquisition leaders, and CareerXroads colleagues.  This will include more of the increasingly popular “CXR Recommends” series as well as insights from trusted peers from within, and outside of, our membership base.  We’ve already received feedback from our members that this fresh approach is both fun and valuable to them, so both visitors and CareerXroads member companies can expect to see more ahead.

[CXR Recommends: A series of recommendations from industry professionals]

Also on the content front, we’re getting digital.  While podcasts aren’t new, the CareerXroads podcast most certainly is.  As we continue to experiment with porting narratives of our headlines into the CareerXroads podcast, you’ll also hear more of the interviews we’ve already started to conduct with people like China Gorman, Angie Verros, and others.  Listeners can expect colloquium meeting recaps with Talent Acquisition leaders, fun industry personality interviews, opinions and banter with the team at CareerXroads, and recruiting conference recaps throughout the year.  Additionally, we’re gearing up for something we like to call “Winey Recruiting” – so stay tuned for more details and be sure to subscribe to the podcast: Apple Podcasts | Android | Email | Google Play | Stitcher | TuneIn | RSS | More.

[CXR Chat with Chris Hoyt & China Gorman: Professional Development & Cultural Immersion in Japan]

The CareerXroads eXperience

Additional and exciting changes ahead for CareerXroads members include the integration of a design thinking approach to our meetings with a new and practical takeaway for participants.  More digital content and a “live” participation level are being baked into each meeting as well for those members that won’t be attending in person.  We’ve also a few surprises in store for both the analytics and candidate experience leaders within our membership, new levels of access to content on the website for both members and non-members, and a complete shift in how the CareerXroads eXchange communities operate and are managed.

This is just the start.  So if you’re a CareerXroads member and your company hasn’t already renewed your membership for 2018, now is the time to make sure there isn’t a lapse in your membership.  If you’re not a current member and interested in becoming part of CareerXroads, contact us today for an interview to see if your organization is a fit for our premier talent acquisition community.

We’re excited about 2018 and what some of these things mean for both CareerXroads and the recruiting industry alike.