Or, will you? Two and a half years ago Lauren Weber wrote an excellent Wall Street Journal Careers feature of the same name (now behind their content firewall) on candidate feedback . In the article, Amelia Merrill, Risk Management Solutions’ TA leader and a multiple year winner of the TalentBoard’s Candidate Experience Award, states unequivocally […]

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If you had asked Mark and Gerry when they published their first “Directory to Jobs” book in 1996 what was next, they’d never have expected their work to transform in to one of the most trusted and respected professional resources and networks in the industry today. It’s been 20 years since CareerXroads took flight and we’re celebrating […]

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Our Company’s Talent Acquisition strategy may not be well served when we blindly seek the ‘best’ answer from external sources to a challenge that is keeping us up at night. We run the risk in overlooking a fundamental rule that the only absolute measure of good, better and best is internal comparison. John Sumser makes […]

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Recently CareerXroads hosted a webinar to share our findings related to our 2016 Employee Referral report.  While it’s not unusual for CareerXroads to conduct research, analyze data and share our findings, we decided that the topic of employee referral programs was important (and popular) enough to mix things up a bit.  So rather than working primarily […]

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Cuba is Not What I Thought it Would Be. But, it is Not Ready for Prime Time Either. It’s late at night. In the middle of Havana. A side street behind a boutique hotel- privately run. A crumbling wall. Flickering lights illuminating shadows moment by moment. A dozen kids – girls and boys – ages […]

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Forthcoming 2015 Talent Board candidate experience research confirms that social recruiting has been growing on the employer side over the past few years. For employers, the following are considering “differentiating” when it comes to engaging job seekers prior to applying: LinkedIn Pages (Job/Career Specific) – 56% LinkedIn Groups (Job/Career Specific) – 37% Twitter Feeds/Notifications (Job/Career Specific) […]

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Struggling with how to differentiate your Employer Branding?  Struggle no more – this Generic Solution is at hand and should tuck away nicely in to any Brand Manager’s toolbox! This Is a Generic Brand Video, by Dissolve from Dissolve on Vimeo.

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This article highlighting Japan’s aging demographics and how they are expanding their notion of an aging workforce is one of a series the Wall Street Journal is publishing in its exploration of the world of work in 2050. Deep in the author’s analysis is this gem: “The United Nations projects that by 2050, 32 countries […]

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London, December 1. The TalentBoard celebrated 37 EMEA employers who won the Candidate Experience Awards. Kudos to Leigh Carpenter, the TalentBoard’s EMEA Director, and his volunteer council- especially to Wolfgang Brickwedde in Germany who encouraged many employers in that region to participate. Congrats to those fearless employers whose candidate ratings establish the European ‘standard’: Accenture […]

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