S4 E28 RecruitersRecruitingRecruiters Have you met… Brad Cook?

Chris Hoyt 0:20
Alright everybody, Chris Hoy here with her profits. I’ve got Brad Cook from Intuitive Surgical with me today and we’re just going to catch up a little bit Brad how are ya.

Brad Cook, Intuitive 0:30
Good, buddy. How are you?

Chris Hoyt 0:31
Pretty good.

Brad Cook, Intuitive 0:32
It’s Monday again.

Chris Hoyt 0:34
It is Monday. Again. I’m thankful to have Monday but is it just me or does it feel like we’re writing a new month that already feels like there been 200 days in this month?

Brad Cook, Intuitive 0:42
It is definitely Groundhog Day right now.

Chris Hoyt 0:45
It’s dragging it’s dragging, and even those of us who are used to working from home or kind of tired of working from home.

Brad Cook, Intuitive 0:51
It’s Groundhog Day right now.

Chris Hoyt 0:54
How was your weekend?

Brad Cook, Intuitive 0:56
It was good. You know, all those things that have been on the bucket list or the “Honey do” list that never got to yeah we we moved three cubic yards of mulch in the backyard I’m feeling like I’m 90 years old right now.

Chris Hoyt 1:07
Oh geez a little muscle fatigue

Brad Cook, Intuitive 1:10
just slightly

Chris Hoyt 1:11
so right we did we flex plenty of mental muscle last week something we were flexing something

Brad Cook, Intuitive 1:19
yeah we did we were

Chris Hoyt 1:23
So fun project for those just catching up fun project we did last month called or excuse me last week see it’s all blending together. It’d be recruiters recruiting recruiters.com and I’m guessing

Brad Cook, Intuitive 1:35
You could find that really fast now. None of us could say that once let alone three times a week ago.

Chris Hoyt 1:42
Yeah, it’s just I still have trouble typing it sometimes I type it backwards. I don’t say it right but it’s it’s fun project regardless. So Brian, why don’t you I’ve done this a couple of times already interviewed some of the players that really leaned in. Why don’t you give us your take. So instead of me giving the spiel and such Up, why don’t you give us your take on what recruiters recruiting recruiters is all about?

Brad Cook, Intuitive 2:05
I think let me do a back channel first what why I think this even became around, you know, I get back to one of the CXR leadership meeting that you had, where we had CVS saying that they need to Yeah, fined 50,000 people and then I think it was Marriott or Hilton, we’re losing 50,000 that, that one call had a huge impact on me personally, just to really put the stuff in perspective, how impacting This is going to be on everybody. So you know, for me, what is recruiters recruiting? recruiters.com really mean? It means how can we help connect those that were closest to our industry? How do we connect those people that literally all of us are getting pinged off? I’m looking for a job. Do you have any with companies that do need recruiters to go and fill their 50,000 jobs? For me, it’s that it’s that community of helping a community reconnect in total hardship.

Chris Hoyt 3:07
Yeah, I will tell you, there hasn’t been a day in the last three or four weeks that we haven’t gotten a notice from a TA leader, or somebody in ta saying, I’ve got a I’ve got a team folks, I’m going to have to let go or have a team of folks that I think I may have to furlough, any idea where I can send them or any idea where I can loan them because I am going to want them back.

Brad Cook, Intuitive 3:28

Chris Hoyt 3:29
But what has really sort of been a little bit more of a surprise for me is in the last part of last week, I saw more leaders reaching out than we had typically seen. And in the new platform, I don’t know if you’ve gotten in there yet and sort of played with the people who have submitted interest. So so when we go in and we can look at the candidates. So the I’m trying not to use the word recruiters because that’s going to be confusing. But I’m seeing heads of talent dropping their interest in In the website and saying reach out to me when you’ve got jobs and they’re at mid size, a couple of larger companies but usually mid or small size heads a template in there.

Brad Cook, Intuitive 4:07
Yeah, I guess recruiters recruiting professionals calm didn’t sort of roll off the tongue

Chris Hoyt 4:12
recruiters recruiting tap, we could have done something with that.

Brad Cook, Intuitive 4:17
But but it’s true. I’ve had friends reach out that same same thing, you know, they had furloughed their team and now that they’re through it, well, they’re they’re in the same position which, which makes it even harder because we know a lot of those.

Chris Hoyt 4:30
Yeah, well, I mean, it’s fantastic to have a leader that’s kind of got your weekend. We joke about this all the time, but he’s got your Frankenstein’s monster sort of mentality of how to bolt some things together because this truly was, I mean, we must have had 20 players come together up front and say, I’ve got some tech because because we sent out an invitation to a lot of the all the way from LinkedIn to Google to great people to feed them to you name it right and said, Come on in here and let’s see what we can do and I think your skill set It lends itself perfectly to this because we had to piece with ultimately slick some tech and piece it

Brad Cook, Intuitive 5:04
together. Yeah, it’s it’s I never thought of it that way but yeah, Frankenstein can sing and dance right now.

Chris Hoyt 5:11
That’s right he’s doing pretty well.

Brad Cook, Intuitive 5:14
But But you’re right you know there was technologies that are now we looked at just in principle made sense but then the bolting of them together was was always the issue but you know, what I still love about it everybody came together put every or everything aside and it was one one thing one vision, one voice and we all came together. And you know, and and if it can, if it can help hire one person or five people or 100 people,

Chris Hoyt 5:38
you know, that’s a good thing. Totally worth it. Totally worth it. So I’m gonna we can circle back but it just before I forget. So I’m going to share because I like to do this with folks who haven’t interviewed in a little while. And by the way, I think you and I were supposed to be having a drink on this call. We forget.

Brad Cook, Intuitive 5:51
I’ve got mine except I happen to pick up a really horrible black cherry flavor and it’s like yeah, oh

Chris Hoyt 5:59
yeah. I unfortunately I forgot mine I think in the hurry to get on I forgot to get my I’ll double down when we hang up.

Okay, good idea. So this last weekend I’ve got a cousin’s happy hour that I do. And there’s about I guess about 11 or 12 of us and we get on and we did a murder mystery dinner, virtual dinner, political mystery. So it was all about the COVID and and the different countries so each person that was dialed in or each house that was dealt in was a country. Political character. I’ll send this to if you want it a lot of cool. Even the host we all dressed in costumes, right? And we had to do the part played the part we had to do some research on our characters. My cousin nailed he was Donald Trump. He nailed it. Apparently Party City was doing curbside pickup for costumes. So you can bet it was over the top. It was hysterical. We had a really good time. So the reason I bring that up is I want to ask you, what’s something that you’re trying to take on or something that you’re doing or that you’re using sort of investing in during this sort of strange time we’re in that some folks might not know about you. They might not know that you’re interested in totally put you on the spot.

Brad Cook, Intuitive 7:09
ah geez

Chris Hoyt 7:11
Other than yard work?

Brad Cook, Intuitive 7:12
Yeah, exactly. Um, I think similar similar to those wines. Yeah, I love cooking is fanatical about sushi and dry aged meats. And yeah, the one thing I’m loving about COVID is the day before, is like what are we going to have to do tomorrow? What can we do something different? And and, and a whole group of us yet you guys included? I think had a fun night a few weeks ago doing a master chef. Yeah, master chef is big in Australia right now. Yeah, season 12 is out. And yeah, I’m a fanatic master chef. watcher. So we we did our, our master chef, everybody got the ingredients ahead of the week ahead of time. Nobody had any idea what the recipe was. And we had to just everybody had to play along and that that was a lot of fun. So I think Yeah, some of the third night There was a there was a suvi of the Facebook channel for some HR folks I think there’s a there’s a few people in their view if you guys are Suvi fans out there get get on a gunfight I think it’s suvi HR.

Chris Hoyt 8:11
It might it might be I’m in that channel, believe it or not in fact I’ve got right now I’ve got a whole big set of spareribs in the suvi it’s been in there almost 30 I guess 30 hours now. So I’m taking it out at the 48 hour mark. I’m only doing that because you said you did 24 hours so only reason I’m doing 48

Brad Cook, Intuitive 8:32
The question is what’s the temperature we took them 24 hour ribs out the other day at 165 they’re a little bit dry so we just package up a whole new ribs on the weekend. We’re going to try to the 150 for 24 hours and 50 more juicy.

Chris Hoyt 8:46
I did I did 163 with a dry rub half of them onion and one bag has a jalapeno pepper cut up in there any other bag does not.

Brad Cook, Intuitive 8:58
that sounds interesting.

Chris Hoyt 9:00
Well, if it’s going to go one way or the other way, I have it figured.

Brad Cook, Intuitive 9:04
what could go wrong. That’s right. It’s a big dry throw some more salt on it.

Chris Hoyt 9:09
Yeah, I think I think there is a future here for some sort of virtual learning virtual classes for everybody because I think was it you mentioned that you got it might have been you we run another call and had mentioned that there teams are doing virtual virtual salsa classes or virtual some virtual wellness classes.

Brad Cook, Intuitive 9:27
So tomorrow, we’ve actually got a Cinco de Mayo party. So at midday tomorrow, all of HR or whoever people from HR, I want to jump in and we’ve got a chef, a guest chef, there’s a friend of one of Sai latest coming in and she’s going to be cooking, she’s going to be teaching all of us how to do her version of Cinco de Maya guacamole, and I’m sure there’ll be some margaritas thrown in there. some point if not all about that. I’ll start that off.

Chris Hoyt 9:55
Leaders leading I love that.

Brad Cook, Intuitive 9:57
absolutely want to be leading it. Cinco de Mayo and it got to be tequila if there is guacamole.

Chris Hoyt 10:02
Well like just to bring this back very quickly before we cut out recruiters recruiting recruiters.com, phenomenal project to be part a lot of really great minds here and some personalities in the space that have been friends for decades, and just haven’t had the opportunity to work together until now. I got I guess it’s pretty funny. So I know we just get started selling for launched a week we’ve only been doing it for three weeks. I loved it.

Brad Cook, Intuitive 10:27
Yeah, it’s been my mind or my mind’s already picking over the other possibilities. I think there’s still a lot of opportunity for us to prove that it works. And I think it’s proved that it worked. We could clone it quite easily and then start looking at what are the areas of opportunity and I’ve got a few ideas that I think we can we can throw around that we might be able to clone this and then help others be able to get back to work as well.

Chris Hoyt 10:53
Yeah, I love that. There’s some rumbles like we’ve had some people ask us, you know, what’s the catch? Did we do this for for profit? Right. So how are we going to make our money off of this? Right?

Brad Cook, Intuitive 11:04
Yeah, no, it’s Yeah. I’ve had the same question. Put advertising a bit like, I don’t want to have adverts up there if someone wants to. So and shipping to cover some of the costs, yep. Great. Yeah, that that’d be really appreciated. If some vendors want to throw in, you know, just some dollars, you know, there is there is hidden cost behind this. And especially the technology vendors, they’re the ones that have really stood up and really stood up in what they provided. It wasn’t just their their own expertise, but their platform costs and those platform costs behind the scenes have have hosting costs and domain name costs this they’ve cost that people don’t realize, you know, that that’s why frankly, what makes this industry a unique industry is people are willing to put that beside us and you know, what, worry about it later.

Chris Hoyt 11:51
Yeah, I actually don’t know of any other and I’ve been asking this every time it comes up and I’m hoping somebody will either dial it in or or send me a text or send me an email, but I don’t have any other project where otherwise competing technologies, solution providers have come together to sort of build something or prop something up together. It’s I think it’s something that can be really proud of.

Brad Cook, Intuitive 12:11
And the flip side of that is, I think in a lot of ways, it’s also helped showcase some of the other things. Yeah. And Roy from Smart Recruiters, I say, some of the things that he’s been passionate about with jobs to Lebanon. And then I think it was jobs, the Netherlands and jobs for Ireland, and then I got out of the blue jobs for Australia. Yeah, I’ve thought of that onto all my peeps at home, because you know, every country is in this together. So I’ve seen showcasing some of the philanthropy work that some individuals have done. Yeah, hats off to Roy, you know, just yeah. And he and I have worked on bits and pieces over the years and see a completely different side of Yeah, of everybody working through this and as you said, working at this together versus customer vendor relationship has been been very rewarding.

Chris Hoyt 13:01
Yeah, I love the other instances that also played as part of the inspiration for this. And Roy’s kind of been the giant behind that. One thing that’s kind of interesting to me is how this one differentiates. And so it’s going to be really interesting to see if we pick it up. And, you know, if we copy it or if it stays in sort of what we’re calling the jobs for family. We’re getting some really generous offers from people who want to give us this curated feed of all the recruiter jobs that they can find and drop them in here in an effort to help recruiters. And right, you know where I’m going.

Brad Cook, Intuitive 13:33
Yeah, do and there’s a big side behind that. But go on

Chris Hoyt 13:38
yeah, I mean, while that’s great in theory, I think what really sets recruiters recruiting recruiters.com apart is that it is a curated list of employers jobs, where the employers have agreed to a certain standard of candidate care of care for the recruiters of their colleagues. And if they don’t adhere to that they get a call, of course from the godfather of recruiting himself, Gerry Crispin. And then they will if that coaching, coaxing nudging doesn’t doesn’t help alleviate some of the pain, they just get bumped right out of the system. Yeah. And the jobs are fresh. That’s the other thing. There’s no technical requirement, but in the employers and the jobs are refreshed twice a day. So we know they’re not stale. Like if you go to indeed there’s thousands, but we know those aren’t all going to be fresh, they’re going to be dead links, that kind of thing. So this is a little different.

Brad Cook, Intuitive 14:28
And I think I think that’s, that’s the million dollar nugget here is these jobs afresh, if it appears on a career site somewhere and it’s in its scraped is brand new. And as I’ve looked at that data, I’ll go back to indeed and see how many recruited jobs out there or something that has talent acquisition, and there’s a lot there’s a lot more than is on the website, but at the end of the day, I as a recruiter, or as someone that’s, you know, I can’t even call myself a recruiter because you know, I’m not a professional recruiter. I’m someone that fallen into the recruiting level and brought a different perspective to it. It’s what would I want to be treated like if I was a candidate on the other side, and that’s why I got so passionate about cx many years ago because I wasn’t mad at the side looking for position. And it’s disgusting at what and how some people get treated today. And you know, maybe this is a good thing that those recruiters will have a very different view of candidate experience that may not have put it as a highest priority before. Yeah, I think I think focusing on quality versus quantity is going to make this a much nicer. Yeah, quite frankly, humble, compassionate. everything out of it is going to be a much nicer position when everybody’s thinking this way, because they all know someone that’s out of a job. And if we can treat them as we would want to be treated. Oh, oh, leave aside quantity for the quality any day,

Chris Hoyt 15:52
every time. Totally agree

Brad Cook, Intuitive 15:53
Yeah, I can see where you go. But yeah, I think still still early days and still, the more blood sweat and tears We can throw at this and but yeah, great initiative. I’m glad to be part of it with you.

Chris Hoyt 16:05
Well, thanks. And when I you know, when I was still corporate, my phrase was everything’s a pilot. Everything’s a pilot and now that I’m not corporate anymore everything’s just an experiment. We’re just experimenting so Brad, you are a legend. Absolute legend. It’s and it’s just friggin great to know. Yeah. And it’s it’s a wonderful opportunity to finally get to do some work together. So I hope we continue to have fun another another couple of months I think behind this thing,

Brad Cook, Intuitive 16:27
I think good Thank you brother. Thanks for that. You bet.

Chris Hoyt 16:29
Thank you