S4 E26 RecruitersRecruitingRecruiters Have You Met… Ralph Rabbat?

Chris Hoyt 0:21
Everybody, Chris Hoyt here with CareerXroads, and if I’ve done this right, hopefully I’ve got Ralph on Ralph, can you hear me?

Ralph Rabbat 0:28

Chris Hoyt 0:29
Oh, my gosh, I’m actually getting good at this thing. Well, thanks for joining us today. Ralph. We’ve got I’ve got a fun topic to talk about, I’d say. So we’ve got with the last couple of weeks, we’ve been working together on a little project. It’s not just you and I, of course, but I’d say but, well, essentially 200 organizations about a dozen or so maybe even maybe even two dozen companies really leaning in hard. to prop up recruiters recruiting recruiters calm which went live yesterday.

Ralph Rabbat 1:06
That’s right. And it’s amazing.

Chris Hoyt 1:11
Yeah, let me let me be one of the first people to congratulate you. Nice job well done. Nice partnership. We appreciate it.

Ralph Rabbat 1:19
Congratulations to you too.

Chris Hoyt 1:23
So for those who don’t know, recruiters, recruiting recruiters, which is always fun to say, it’s literally a collaboration of of industry vets and power players, I think from companies like like CareerXroads, like consider smart recruiters great people, pager, feed on people, teleport, red branch media, I’m probably leaving a few out here but there’s a bunch that have been involved in pretty quiet also quite a few employers like Marriott, and Hilton, and Intuitive Surgical and CVS and Uber and Nike who have weighed in on sort of the development delivery of this but What I’d like to talk about today, Ralph is sort of the work that you have done. And for the project specifically to just kind of shine a light on what I really think is the muscle, the quiet muscle of the site up. All right with that.

Ralph Rabbat 2:14
So that’s humbling. We try to contribute as much as we could.

Chris Hoyt 2:20
Well, I so let’s start by talking about before we talk about what you did my understanding of Consider is a little bit it’s sort of a little bit different than what you actually were able to deliver within this platform. Right. a completely different segment within talent.

Ralph Rabbat 2:36
That’s right. That’s right. Yeah. Yeah. So really Consider core business is about AI sourcing. So sourcing at the top of the funnel, as positions, call it so how do you find the right people for your jobs? And what Consider does is essentially a search engine to be able to find the right people a recommendation engine for your job. So all you need to do is, you know, create the job description and it finds the right people for you. It’s people from your ATS, even from your past applicants, and it taps into everyone’s like your colleagues, professional networks, and searching out and searches outside those networks too. So it’s, that’s the core business of Consider, it’s about really finding the right people for your job. So what we do lying on a job board, get you some of the actively looking people that have essentially an affinity to your brand, which is a small set. So some Consider started, like, you know, focused on, you know, were in a place where unemployment was at the lowest in decades. And the help that companies really needed was to actually find the right candidate, and there was such a war war on talent. And this is what you know, they really needed to find the right people and then suddenly, things change overnight, and resolve the unemployment story, and especially for our partners, where the talent acquisition team gets hit first, as you can see, essentially in a downturn is the first function to go and one of the last to come back when the economy goes back to full steam. So when we what we first noticed is that COVID started to hit close to home partners were getting laid off, riffed, furloughed and what we what we did was to step back, put their heads together and thought, Hey, we’re all in this together. So what can we do really to help to help these people to help these you know persons or future partners to really get back in the game to really you know, find a job because, you know, once you’re not once you’re not employed, it’s not a good situation there and you’re there staying at home you’re discharged here like is trying to occupy yourself, you’re trying to do things that you know, take your mind off of, you know, where you cannot contribute where you know, usually your passion is We cannot really do it, you know, the passion being connecting people to you know the the right careers. And it’s only you can do it. So, you know, how can we help you really get back and forth. So this is where we start with our case, you know, we have the technology, we can just save it on a dime, and repurpose the technology to really doing good, and helping the folks in need of a job. And this is, you know, how our contribution with the boys was there to you know, find the right job for these folks that are in really, you know, need of it.

Chris Hoyt 5:32
Yeah, let me So, let me take a step back so that so the recruiters recruiting recruiters platform is something that we put together in just two weeks and we’ve been the entire team put together just a couple of weeks that will essentially for participating companies will essentially allow them to either have their teams login and search for candidates that are recruiting talent or talent acquisition talent. or half their jobs, their recruiting and talent acquisition jobs specifically picked up and displayed on the site for people to be able to locate to apply to. And, and one of the challenges we had in putting this together with the team was, we were trying to simplify the entire process. So what we weren’t looking to do is when teams were reduced and leadership stress that organizations give them some technical requirements in order to be included, right. And I think that’s where that’s where you and your team came in, in that if an organization and I’ll just pick one at random, let’s just pick Amazon, right? Amazon says, I want my recruiting jobs included we were ramping up recruiting in a particular division as a result of what’s going on in space. I want to play Amazon agrees to what is essentially a code of conduct which says that they will meet a minimum expectation with regards to a candidate experience delivered. And then what happens is their career site is then given to your team and your team. And I don’t want to I don’t want to take away from the complexity but your team auto-magically pulls in just talent acquisition related jobs. Yeah. From from the career site, right.

Ralph Rabbat 7:19
Correct. It’s, it’s, yes, that’s exactly right. So the idea was to try to make it as simple as possible for the user or the recruiter that is looking for a job as simple as possible to find the right jobs for them. And the really, you know, the valid jobs because we want to make sure that it’s a valid experience and a really good experience. I can give you, for example, a tool that works at the time where, you know, half the jobs are basically, you know, maybe too old and you know, nobody updated them. So we want to make sure that also we keep, you know, the experience fresh, like, you know, the jobs that are actually posted are actually valid. That and that when you Apply, you actually get a response back. So this is where the company is really said that, hey, we’re gonna, you know, we’re signing up for the code of conduct and we’re going to reply to the candidates that apply. And then from the other side is the candidate experience has to be also very simple, where I just search for, for example, a recruiter job or a specific more, you know, more more niche recruiting job or a sourcing job. And I find the right, the right, you know, the right jobs for me. And then with a click, I just apply. So this is where the technology that considers those is goes and, you know, goes to the corporate side and gets all the jobs from from the job postings. And it’s a very small percentage of them are about talent acquisition, especially these days. So we read out everything else that is not talent acquisition, and really keep the ones that are very onpoint like very much about, you know, recruiting students about finding provide jobs for recruiters and we present them in a very intuitive interface

Chris Hoyt 9:05
Well, and those could be any jobs from and that’s the that’s my favorite part of this right is that I’m the employer I don’t have to do anything except tell you I’m interested and I promise to deliver the best candidate experience possible and I’m willing to have you hold me accountable that and then you automatically go out from my perspective anyway automatically. And grab three kind of talent acquisition job I’ve got posted. So that could be a source or a researcher or a scheduling staffing admin. You name it, and it just shows up there for them to find and and here’s my favorite part, right what what happens? So I’m looking at a I’m looking at all the jobs on recruiters recruiting recruiters.com and I see all these companies jobs and i and i want to click on Apply on them. What happens when I click on each one of those, where do I go?

Ralph Rabbat 9:58
You go directly to The job site of that company, so you’re not, you know, going into an experience that is a middleman. So there’s no necessarily there’s no middleman, between you and the company at that point. So, you know, flying directly the company and going to be hearing back directly from the console. It’s, the beauty of it is, you’re, you know, you’re essentially meaningless all kinds of roadblocks for you. You don’t have to, you don’t have to, you know, think of, Oh, I need to sign up to a new place. And, you know, and really, you know, be, you know, given out, you know, spending, you know, you know, half an hour to build out like my whole profile, it has to be super simple. So, you just go to the site, apply, and boom, that’s all you need to do.

Chris Hoyt 10:52
That’s great. And again, as an employer, I love that because you’re in my system, my system of record, I’m not having to teach my recruiters to go Do something else I’m not there’s no risk here of platform fatigue for my teams, and they’re going to be able to connect directly with that town. I love it.

Ralph Rabbat 11:08
Right? The jobs are always fresh. So, you know, refresh them twice a day. And make sure that you know, all the jobs that are there are super relevant to, you know, to our calls to, you know, helping recruiters.

Chris Hoyt 11:23
And one thing I want to call out so everybody who played part in this and putting this together, literally had no, no payday for any of this. This is this is a 100% Pay It Forward effort, tremendous amount of work that you guys did to make this work and make it seamless. I mean, the stuff that looks the most simple is usually the most complex to get running. So you should be really, really proud of that. And everybody involved. Should we’re proud of we we spent a lot of like sleepless nights but at the end of the day, it’s it’s working. That’s what matters. Guys amazing to me. What it looks simple. It’s He was usually the hardest to set up. So I absolutely love the effort there. Ralph, to tell me something about you. That is not work related that that a lot of people don’t know. I mean, did you did you climb Kilimanjaro? Do you like to jump out of airplanes? Are you a closet gardener like to tell me something? Nobody knows.

Ralph Rabbat 12:20
All right so I did not climb you know Mount Kilimanjaro although it’s on my bucket list. And you forget you know get fit after COVID-19 I’m not in good shape.

Chris Hoyt 12:34
You put you’re putting on your COVID-19 pounds.

Ralph Rabbat 12:38
I am with all these virtual happy hours to these don’t help. So, originally, you know come from Lebanon. I was born in a in a war torn country. We moved to the country multiple times to stay out of conflict zone. My education is you know, I was like focused on French education, get my French baccalaureate Went to the American University of Beirut and played computer Communication Engineering. Then I was accepted at MIT where I got my masters and PhD and where my focus was to boost the online learning capabilities with AI by adapting to learning styles of individual where you know, a lot of the classes were shifting to online to technology with MIT OpenCourseWare. On the on the personal side, I’m also a family man, my wife and I are working full time everything are two beautiful rascals Mark and Lucas who are so happy to be with us 24 hours nowadays. Well, we try to sneak out to our, you know, virtual happy hour without a word to you know, get some sanity back. So, I’m also like a an avid cook, chef. However, you I started in college, you know, when I was asking my mom for recipes because I missed home cooking, and it picked up from there and then, you know, I started going into French cuisine and like, you know, you know, Latin Latin cuisine and so you know started evolving that way so well one day in the future might open the restaurant. I don’t know.

Chris Hoyt 14:24
That’s fascinating. I had no idea

Ralph Rabbat 14:27
yeah, that’s what I love it.

Chris Hoyt 14:30
And what what would you say your favorite dishes to whip up?

Ralph Rabbat 14:35
So, the one I really like his stuff zuccinni, as my kids love it too. So I always like to hear compliments when I when I cook something for them. And it’s really tasty. So it’s, it’s, it’s a Lebanese dish. Originally, it’s stuffed with rice and meat and tomato and it’s so yummy and tasty.

Chris Hoyt 14:59
Well, I I don’t know about your kids but when my kids were little anything that I could could cook for them, which was pretty rare that they that they complimented little on didn’t complain about you got to feel pretty accomplished.

Ralph Rabbat 15:10
Yeah, exactly. My hour or two of work did not go just to waste so I am glad.

Chris Hoyt 15:19
I’m loving that. I love that. Well, you know, there’s I think we had a meeting this morning and we were talking with teams that they’re they’re trying to do virtual things, virtual salsa classes on a virtual virtual Pictionary for them, you know, trying to give employees and team members stuff to do that’s not exactly work related. Yeah, I mean, I joined a master chef class last week that had about seven or eight different dial ins so the you know, couples that had all dialed in and we cooked I don’t even know what it was called. It was some Italian sausage that we cooked in onions and wine. I am certain someone else’s dish was much better than mine. But it was an awfully fun experience. I I’d like to see it semester shift classes virtually route I want to go.

Ralph Rabbat 16:04
They’ll be fun. I’ll sign up.

Chris Hoyt 16:08
Alright, well Ralph, I just want one more thing I just want to say thank you so much for leaning in. Thank you so much for doing something without anything, you know, anything asked in return except to just be part of this project. I think we knew right away when we talk to you. And we were looking for partners on this. We knew right away that you were you in the tech and your team, we’re going to be a good match for this. And I just think everybody involved from the beginning to the end, at every level could not be happier and couldn’t be more proud of what’s been delivered here. So just just hats off to you man.

Ralph Rabbat 16:39
Yes, thank you so much. It’s so rewarding working with everyone on the team. To us and you know, red bench needs to work with Gerry working with smart recruiters and working with like awesome talent to really hear and really delivering on you know, in no time you know, a product from zero to production, and especially that it’s all about doing good. So it’s so rewarding to work with a great bunch of people.

Chris Hoyt 17:10
Yeah, I don’t think I’m aware of any other effort and if there is out there hope somebody comes in and tells us but I don’t think I’ve seen any other effort in our space where so many potential competitors have come together and said, it’s just not about that right now. It’s about it’s about the greater good and it’s about leaning forward together and everybody’s just kind of everybody’s done the best they could to be part of it. It’s something everybody should be happy about.

Ralph Rabbat 17:34
Yeah, it’s so so good too, you know, especially like the team consider has been working tirelessly. Really, I you know, kudos to them. You know, I you know, is he just a little bit of like all the work with his your interaction with me, but the team has been amazing. Really, really, heads down, delivering non stop. So really good to them. I want to thank them here alive in front of everyone.

Chris Hoyt 18:00
Good stuff well now I’m gonna let you go and I’m gonna I’m gonna be watching for your YouTube channel for cooking

Ralph Rabbat 18:06
Sounds good? All right. My perfect recipe

Chris Hoyt 18:10
I’m ready, I’m ready.