S4 E25 RecruitersRecruitingRecruiters Have You Met… Roy Baladi?

Chris Hoyt 0:00
Check, check, check Is this thing on?

Roy Baladi 0:27
Can you hear me?

Chris Hoyt 0:28
I can hear you. How are you?

Roy Baladi 0:31
I’m doing well.

Chris Hoyt 0:33
Glad to hear it. Glad to hear it. So we’ve got we’ve got you on for a special reason that we’ve had kind of an exciting last couple of weeks together, haven’t we?

Roy Baladi 0:40
Yeah, sounds like a marriage. A good match.

Chris Hoyt 0:44
It’s a little bit of speed dating. If it was if you’re gonna liken it to relationship at all. We did some speed dating. So Roy, the listeners obviously know who I am. This is our podcast so they’ve dialed in but it can you take it can you before we sort of jump into what I Want to talk about because we have had a heck of a ride last week? So I’m super excited about what we’ve been able to do. Why don’t you Why don’t you give us the elevator pitch about about who Roy is.

Roy Baladi 1:10
Roy is an entrepreneur, philanthropist. from Lebanon, works at smart recruiters right here in San Francisco loves to build recruiting technology and loves to create new opportunities for people wherever they are, and thrive in times of chaos.

Chris Hoyt 1:35
thrives in times of chaos. I love it. Well, it’s been a it’s been a chaotic couple of weeks. And I think so. Should we just tell everybody what we’ve done?

Roy Baladi 1:44
Yeah, absolutely.

Chris Hoyt 1:50
I’m loving my new sound effects button. So for those who don’t know, we have we have worked the last couple weeks together, pulled together. I do Say, close to 30, maybe 30 individuals made up of about half as many companies to prop up something we’re pretty excited about and that we are calling it recruiters recruiting recruiters.com. And the mission here is really to support our colleagues and our peers within the talent acquisition industry on both sides of what is a very challenging time whether they are at an organization that’s that’s hiring, looking to hire talent acquisition professionals or unfortunately an organization that’s, that’s going to riff right a reduction in force or for you know, their furloughing a considerable part of their teams. So, Roy, what part two and we did this with the help of how many technology platforms you think we’ve got behind it? Maybe maybe four, maybe five?

Roy Baladi 2:49
Yeah. Yeah, for sure. There’s consider powering the drop board. There’s smart recruiters powering the CRM. There is red ranch media, powering comms and then be the home website. There is the jobs for Lebanon initiative that has supplied the first few pages basically the skin. And then last but not least, well, we’ve got CareerXroads that basically has brought the coalition together.

Chris Hoyt 3:22
Well, I think so the muscle, the real muscle behind it, I think sort of sits with and there’s an awful lot of brainpower. But the muscle that sort of sits there i think is the is the smart recruiters platform. And of course, Consider that that sort of pulls that in, we’ve actually got a conversation scheduled. I don’t you know, I don’t want to steal any of the thunder there. But we’ve got a conversation scheduled him later this week where we’re going to share, you know exactly what Consider does and of course, what they did for this this piece. But, you know, Roy, you mentioned jobs for Lebanon. And I think that’s sort of a pretty impressive initiative that has spidered into several jobs for deliveries, why don’t you share a little bit about what that means, and I’d love to hear a little bit about, you know how that came about. And you can share with folks what why you’re so passionate about it.

Roy Baladi 4:08
Thank you so much for this. It started back in December, when Lebanon as a country literally went bankrupt. So that means that the bank will not give you your money if you try to go to one. Doesn’t matter how much money you have in the bank, they’ll only give you $300 a week. And they’re like, do with that what you want in order to pay employees salary, import goods, pay groceries, pay for your kids tuition. So that basically got everybody bankrupt and all businesses can’t grow. They all had to pretty much shut down. That was back in December. So a group of us expats and locals came together and said, you know, what, if the country cannot support itself, but we know we have so many experts all across the world, let’s make a call. All of them to hire Lebanese in Lebanon on a remote basis. And that meant three things. One, you have to be able to make a call to everybody to be able to create a viral campaign. All the experts across the world that means you have to reach a wide network to create jobs and hire which means you need a robust product. So I work at smarter tutor so I was able to get an adapt smarter kudos for this purpose. And then we got a creative team. And then we started to build up the network. And fast forward three months is what it took us to go to market and on March 10, when we were sharing the video, the viral video we we hadn’t shared it with anybody yet become strategy hadn’t launched. We didn’t even post anything on on LinkedIn or anywhere. But this video started to come back to us. The team in behind it, and people had seen it like I love this video. I love this idea. 32,000 people ended up visiting the website from 134 countries. Here we are six weeks later with 185 jobs posted 1530 candidates applied, and at least 13 people got jobs, right during COVID. So that’s a story around jobs for Lebanon now 30 volunteers working on this. And we even got calls from a team of recruiters in the Netherlands, saying, Hey, this is this is inspiring. Can we do the same for the Netherlands? recruiters for good.nl. That’s a clone of jobs for Lebanon, the Netherlands, and they’re growing like crazy. Jobs for Australia, working for Ireland. We’re all inspiration and have been built. And so now it’s basically created a movement of inclusion within the recruiter community in order to support each other and support furloughed people in their in there are companies that create jobs.

Chris Hoyt 7:02
I love this. This is the kind of work I think in our space that just doesn’t just doesn’t get enough attention. And it’s and it’s fun to sort of be part of that. And it’s really interesting to me that the jobs for Lebanon pilot, that was as as late as March, right, yeah. So we’re just talking here, we’re just talking a handful of months has just exploded like this into what is now we have five instances or sort of five versions of this idea. Yeah. Yeah. So recruiters, recruiting recruiters, which is a lot of fun to say, is sort of a spin off of that. It’s part of that jobs for family, I would call it but it’s a little bit different, right?

Roy Baladi 7:44
Mm hmm. Yeah, absolutely. So America is that America is a huge country. And so you can’t boil the ocean in one fell swoop. You know what Lebanon, Lebanon is five, 6 million people. You can make one major call. You’ve got very few small, players but in the US, you’ve got, you know, at least 30 major HR technologies, and I mean majors and then you can bring it down to like about 200 others. And you’ve got enterprises that hire I mean, if you’re a large multinational in the US, you hire all across the globe, you probably operate in 50-60 to 100 countries. So having a focus is came during the call with you, Chris, when Chris is like, Hey, everybody, raise your hand. And it was 15 heads of contact position in the room, if not more about 20 heads of contact with and we are talking to talk about fortune 50 companies, where do you want to focus? You know, you’re ahead of recruiting at a multinational probably like, then you’re thinking, I would like to first of all support the people that I was forced to let go, or I’m forced to go and I have no desire to because they’re great people. I want to support them. Because once you get recruiters back to work, recruiters recruit everything else? So let’s focus on that. And that. That was that show of hands. That basically led to recruiters recruiting recruiters.

Chris Hoyt 9:13
Yeah, a lot, a lot of fun we have. So for those that are listening who may not be familiar, so CareerXroads is made up of about 140-150 membership companies where we typically connect with the heads of talent. And we talk about what’s keeping them up at night. And as you can imagine, right now, this is a big one. This is a big part of what’s keeping them up at night. And so it made sense to pull this together and Brad Cook over at Intuitive Surgical was a guy that you know, originally started this conversation with us, we’re like, how can we help? How can we work to help these other leaders? And I think he is the one that actually brought our attention to the platform. And I’m embarrassed to say I didn’t know about jobs from Lebanon and the work that had been going on there until he brought it up. So I was really excited to see that platform. would lend itself perfectly with the smart recruiters piece on the back end to the project and I want it It should be noted right Geico, Amazon, Intuit, EY, United Airlines enterprise I mean, some really big names here who may not necessarily have roles, or jobs to share are the ones who put an awful lot of brainpower. Now just to name a few an awful lot of brainpower behind this as well. So it’s pretty, pretty exciting initiative that that sort of crosses, I’d say crosses, you know, all the borders, right.

Roy Baladi 10:32
When you think of the size, like basically the companies that you’ve just mentioned, and Antilles, and Hilton and Marriott, and in all the reports dissipated, you realize that you have the opportunity to reach people at a global scale and make major impact. And honestly, that is the reason why I’m in this industry because you also have the recruiters recruiters are good people. Like when you ask people, a recruiter, why did you Join recruiting, they’ll tell you funny story. obviously didn’t study this in school. But I was doing this this and that I was in politics, I was in sales, I was in whatever. But I really wanted to get closer to people. And that’s why I joined recruiting. And so now that we are in a crisis where human relations are just so important. When you make a call to the recruiting community, people answer the call and say yes. And so that is why I’m actually in a time of crisis. I’m really happy to be part of this community and not let’s say, you know, a fine, I used to be a Wall Street trader. I’m so glad I’m not in finance anymore, because it’s a very different dynamic over there.

Audio issues I can I can talk some more. And then, Chris, when you’re back, just holler at me.

Chris Hoyt 12:04
Oh, I shouldn’t be back.

Roy Baladi 12:06
Oh, you’re here. Cool. Cool. Cool.

Chris Hoyt 12:07
Yeah, yeah. So I think so what I was what I was calling out is I think it should be noted that no matter who took part in this and no matter what level whether they contributed resources or time or brainpower, or just part of those conversations and ideation that took place, everyone did it. at no cost, right? They did it at the end, if there was a cost, they picked it up themselves. Yeah, nobody’s doing this for additional business. nobody’s doing this for anything other than to really pay it forward to our industry. And I think that that’s right in line with, you know, what you’re talking about in terms of, you know, those of us who love the space, love this space, because we love the people in it.

Roy Baladi 12:42
Yeah. And it’s also very valuable to say that recruiters recruiting recruiters is the most comprehensive solution I’ve ever come across to say the truth across all the initiatives I’ve seen including the jobs for Lebanon, and all the others That’s here to help a recruiter who’s furloughed, because it does two things for them three things for them. One, it allows them to see all the jobs, from recruiting jobs that are live and open right now, in a job board that’s going to have fewer jobs than the large ones, but they’re all active, available, ready. And beyond that, every employee who’s participated has pledged has agreed to the code of conduct, which says, I will get back to you regardless of the outcome, regardless of how busy I am, I will respond to your application. That is the first thing that is remarkable. The second thing is a recruiter can come in and opt in and say, Hey, I would love to be part of this talent community reach out to me. So then you’ve got recruiters who are hiring can come and take a look at their IDs profiles at these people and contact them opportunities. And so that’s the second powerful thing. And the third thing is a resources page. Where if sometimes you’re like, Okay, there’s so many different solutions. They’re very, they’re I don’t know which one to pick. Well, this one, aggregates them all. All the ones that are truly free, represented by someone who’s really tough, too tough nut to crack Gerry Crispin, and that’s the resources page. So these are the three things that you can have as the recruiter is looking for an opportunity right now.

Chris Hoyt 14:31
Perfect, that’s perfect. Well stated, Well, look, we’ve only got a couple seconds left. I just want to say it’s recruiters recruiting recruiters.comm there are 275 jobs out there today. They’re fresh. They are live with updated twice daily. And I got to tell you, if you’re a recruiter and you’re looking for work, that is the place to check out and and to Roy’s comment, and I’m going to tell you it’s also the differentiator I think for this platform is that companies who have agreed to have their jobs here and we’re looking for recruiters to hire, have agreed to a code of conduct That they will absolutely be held accountable to. And if the responses come back and they don’t hit that NPS score, we take it we take them out of the game,

Roy Baladi 15:08
Which is beautiful.

Chris Hoyt 15:09
Yeah. All right, Roy, thanks so much. Thank you so much. I gotta tell you, man, you are making a difference in the space and you’re changing the world over in this corner of it. We’re really proud to be part of this project. And we’re glad you’re on board with everybody.

Roy Baladi 15:22
I love you Chris.

Chris Hoyt 15:24
All right, take care brother.

Roy Baladi 15:25