Guest Show: TALK Re-Imagining Talent

The pandemic and recent social justice protests have shaken our world and forced many organizations to examine their values, how they work, and how they approach a complex talent market that continues to evolve. In response, we are witnessing organizations furloughing, right-sizing, restructuring, reskilling, and attempting to maintain or salvage a positive employer brand. The future of talent now has two paths forward that include transformation or the struggle to maintain relevance. For talent acquisition, this means a need for ‘disruptive leadership” and a new normal that is still being defined.

In this TALK session we’ll explore the new agility and skills needed to address and balance…

  • quickly pivoting from recruiting during the lowest unemployment on record to securing top talent in a larger more demanding jobseeker’s market
  • embracing technology to manage virtual processes that were previously ignored or avoided due to budget or cultural challenges
  • managing constrained resources
  • leading change through this incredible and challenging time