You see the word “community” a lot these days. Here at CXR, we’ve been building community for over 25 years. When we say community we mean a space where practitioners and leaders gather to present, analyze, and discuss. Here a community is a group of peers who are passionate about recruiting… people compelled to improve, knowledgeable about their function, and willing to share competitive practices to help raise the knowledge-base of talent acquisition.

At CXR we offer our community multiple chances to gather, engage, collaborate and learn every month. And the CXR Community generates an astounding array of resources from recordings to research to vendor ratings and beyond. By any definition, the CXR Community is a community unlike any other.

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Let CXR help with…

  • CXR Communities: 24/7 peer-to-peer sharing in online messages boards. Data to support a purchase decision, process benchmarks, internal policy documents, it’s all on the table between members.
  • CXR Meetings: Not-to-be-missed meetings nearly every week that allow members to hone in on their recruiting focus and make unparalleled connections that last for years. Meeting topics purposefully cover a range of Talent Topics. Meeting formats vary from 15-minute focused interviews to 2 hour meetings with breakout sessions and more. 

Let CXR help with…

  • Vendor Ratings Database: Want to know what technology or vendor is worth your time and budget? Look it up in the Members-Only Vendor Ratings and Reviews database. All generated from your fellow members so you know you’re getting a review from someone who is using the service.
  • Tech Showcases: Learn more about  vetted, emerging technologies straight from the founder or president in these members-only demos. One of the best parts? A chance to talk with your peers after the vendor leaves the room to share thoughts & opinions.

Let CXR help with…

  • Podcasts: Recruiting headlines, guest interviews, and industry insights 
  • Research Reports: Hundreds of benchmark survey reports, infographics and pulse polls
  • Media Library: Growing archive of CXR multimedia, meeting presentations and more.

Our commitment to our members

We’re constantly studying the talent acquisition & talent management landscape. It is a labor of love – never a job. We enjoy being challenged about something we don’t know. We’ll track it down. We’ll introduce you to the best people we can find. CXR Community members can always get our advice via email, phone call, text message, at meetings or at our monthly happy hour. As networked as we are, what we don’t know we can always learn from experts and help you make connections that matter. 

Why should you join the CXR Community?

You won't find a better network for you & your team to develop, collaborate and raise the bar.