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Think you’ve got what it takes to get to the top of the leaderboard? Earn points with your community activity in the eXchanges, participating in events, and engaging with your peers. 

Ten levels to the top – some with bonus rewards attached!  Show the CXR Talent Community what being a hero is really about.

Check out your current point level in your profile and then get started!

Coins and Badges and Points, Oh My!

Top Community Members (rolling 30 days)

#AvatarUser NamePointsCurrent LevelCommunity CoinsCXR CoinsBadgesCompany
1Marc Cochran88Community Ambassador010Trane Technologies
2Barb Ruess63Community Ambassador010CXR
3Grant Clough53Community Ambassador000AARP
4Lianne Mason50Milliner Status010Otis
5Brad Cook48Milliner Status010Intuitive Surgical
6Nataliya Dragoman48Milliner Status140
7Mary Brogan42Community Ambassador010Marsh McLennan
8Shelia Gray40Milliner Status010Quadient
9Curtis Dorsey39Milliner Status020Elanco Animal Health
10Melissa Thompson38Milliner Status010Nielsen

All-time Top-50 Community Members

#AvatarUser NamePointsCurrent LevelCommunity CoinsCXR CoinsBadgesCompany
1Mary Brogan268Community Ambassador150Marsh McLennan
2Grant Clough240Community Ambassador020AARP
3Barb Ruess223Community Ambassador2340CXR
4Marc Cochran187Community Ambassador1100Trane Technologies
5Liana Uzunov146Milliner Status000ABBVIE
6Angela Couture134Milliner Status0100The Aerospace Corporation
7Richard Duncan123Milliner Status040Lehigh Hanson
8Shelia Gray117Milliner Status0100Quadient
9Tiffany Reyes117Milliner Status260Church & Dwight
10Rob Dromgoole103Milliner Status0100Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma
11Brad Cook99Milliner Status050Intuitive Surgical
12Tony Lioi97Milliner Status070BASF Corporation
13Arlene Tam91Milliner Status050
14Lisa Rodriguez88Milliner Status020
15Rachel Solomon86Milliner Status030Illumina
16Aaron Brown84Milliner Status000
17Julia Mantovani81Milliner Status010Abbvie
18Nataliya Dragoman79Milliner Status180
19Cheryl Batleman78Milliner Status000The Aerospace Corporation
20Lianne Mason77Milliner Status010Otis
21Melissa Thompson76Milliner Status040Nielsen
22Juliette Rouquet (She/Her)75Milliner Status000Danaher Corporate
23Yvonne Stanczyk75Milliner Status010L Brands
24John Cotton73Milliner Status000Recruitics
25Bennet Sammann73Milliner Status010Deloitte
26Kristen DesPalmes69Milliner Status070
27Mirandah Thomas , MBA64Milliner Status000
28Anne Wadia64Milliner Status010Intuit
29Breanna Woodhouse63Milliner Status040DaVita
30Asha Beirne61Milliner Status020
31Lisa Hofmann58Milliner Status050
32Chad Godhard58Milliner Status0120
33Justin Lee56Milliner Status000Capital One
34Pablo Gonzalez56Milliner Status020AbbVie
35Lynn Milewski56Milliner Status040
36Tamara Thompson56Milliner Status050Delta Dental Ins.
37Meredith Gebhardt56Milliner Status060Nielsen
38Kelly Raulino56Milliner Status080DaVita
39Amanda Guthrie55Milliner Status000AbbVie
40Hannah Holloway54Milliner Status020
41Olivia Zidow54Milliner Status020AbbVie
42Joe Wollan54Milliner Status080
43kristen gardner53Milliner Status010Choctaw Health
44Helen Luz53Milliner Status020
45Curtis Dorsey53Milliner Status070Elanco Animal Health
46Carrie Montag53Milliner Status0100E & J Gallo Winery
47Jessica Summerfield53Milliner Status110Advocate Aurora Health
48Laurene Lonnemann51Milliner Status030Elanco
49Adityan Ramkumar49Milliner Status000ThoughtWorks
50Cathy Henesey49Milliner Status180AdventHealth