Is your job contributing to your well-being?

Mental health & well-being has always been important and we're happy to see it getting more tangible attention - and give it some more attention ourselves.

It’s not news that COVID changed the way many of us work — where we work, when we work, how we work together. What is gaining more attention is a recognition that there’s a price to pay when work is the center of our lives. It’s a topic we’ve been paying close attention to here at CXR and in doing some reading, this quote from an article in Forbes really stood out:

The workforce has become more confident in what they expect from their jobs and how their jobs either contribute to well-being or get in the way.

~Well-Being 2.1: How leaders can combat stress in the new world of work, Forbes

The article goes on to highlight the work of Martin Seligman – you might have heard of his theories around Learned Optimism – and coins that as Well-Being 1.0 with a focus on things like mindfulness and burnout prevention. The next level builds on those pillars and the author defines Well-Being 2.0 as focusing on the healthy use of technology/social media, workplace security, and work-life balance. And then the crux of the article comes with Well-Being 2.1 which redefines what those three dimensions might look like in our current world.

We’re not just reading articles and following research on these topics at CXR, we’re walking the talk at our October Leadership event where we’re incorporating intentional mindful breaks such as:

  • How to have a resilient mindset 
  • Burnout breakthroughs

And all of our members will have complementary access to a library of mental & physical well-being classes. Mental health & well-being has always been important and we’re happy to see it getting more tangible attention – and give it some more attention ourselves.

Read the full article here: Well-Being 2.1 by Ute Franzen-Waschke

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