How To Join CXR

While participation on the site and a number of CXR eXchanges are free, CareerXroads is predominately made up of talent professionals & leaders from paying member companies. Why should your organization consider joining the CXR Community? 

CXR base membership includes full access for your talent team to:

  • Online eXchanges
  • Digital Seminars: regularly scheduled community webinars on rapid-time topics
  • Benchmark & Research Reports
  • Vendor Reviews Database
  • Multimedia Library
  • Documents Library
  • ALL content curated and delivered in meetings, webinars, sessions, etc.
  • Four Membership Passes to use at In-Person Meetings or on Digital Community Tracks. Additional Passes can be purchased at any time.

What is a Membership Pass?
Each pass gives members access to one in-person meeting or one digital track. When used in-person, each pass covers one person attending one meeting. You can use up to two passes per in-person meeting. When used on a digital track, each pass covers a series of three meetings to which you can send up to three people at a time. Passes can be used in any combination of in-person and digital meetings. Check out our current meeting schedule.

Ready to join?

Membership in the CXR Community isn’t just a matter of budget. Each company is interviewed to make sure that they’ll benefit as much from being a member as the community will benefit from their organization joining.  Complete the form below to start your membership process!

If your company is a current CXR member – click here to create your site account.

Make sure you have enabled the notification which ID you have given.